Cloth Books

La Plus Vieille Histoire du Monde.

Bright, energetic pages show God going about the business of creating the world. [Bader 65].



14317 Billy's Farm Friends. Richardson, ill. Volland

Billy's Farm Friends.

A little boy in short blue overalls introduces us to his friends on the farm. Charming period illustrations.



20183 Puff, Chug, and Toot. cloth book

Puff, Chug, and Toot.

A wordless book for the very young. Inside pages have the little figures engaged with a road grader, a train, a bulldozer, a tug boat, a fire engine, and a milk truck (the girl's picture). Bright, bright primary colours.



22180 My Own Book by Tony Brice

My Own Book.

Big, rounded, baby animals with big eyes for a baby to gaze at.



22208 Let's Be Friends Peggy cloth

Let's Be Friends.

Actually all of these animals would appear on an ordinary farm except the monkey, but he seems right at home. On the back cover: "All these friends are good to you,/ Now let's see what YOU can do." Despite cloth book claims, washing removes the sizing and they don't iron well.



19828 Baby's Mother Goose. by Charlotte Steiner 1947.

Baby's Mother Goose.

Very appealing primary colour illustrations on white by Steiner, who did many of the early Peggy Cloth-Books. (Do not confuse this with the Platt and Munk 60's Peggy Cloth Book Baby's Mother Goose) This has charming pictures for eight rhymes carefully printed in bright inks with exact register. 7.5x8.5.



Dog Toby by Himself.

An autobiography in poetic form of a very curious dog, with a different Chapter on every page following him through his happy life. All pages are illustrated with large drawings in red, blue, yellow, green, and brown in a quality similar to a hardcover book, rather than a cloth book. Toby seems to be a smooth fox terrier, and in one of his adventures, wins first prize in a dogs show. Not a common book, we just happen to have two at once. Ask for pictures of this one.



21842 Baby's Mother Goose Peggy/Platt 1960s

Baby's Mother Goose.

Bright illustrations with some registers not accurate, perhaps intentional. Although this states "Peggy" the artwork is unrelated to Steiner's cloth Mother Goose, six of the same rhymes though.



The ABC Book.

Each spread has big floral decorated letters on a border of words and six little nonsense stanzas, each colourfully illustrated: Would you like to/ be the SNOW/ and make things white?/ or would you rather/be a TRAIN/and whistle in/the night?



19558 Playmates Sam'l Gabriel 1948


Two and three year olds playing with dolls and sand, just the children and the objects they're using, so the little paintings really stand out. The doubled fabric also makes the pictures brighter, no show through.



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