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14317 The Animals' School-treat Clifton Bingham / Cecil Aldin

The Animals' School-Treat.

It was a lovely summer day/That Doctor Leo rose to say/"My pupils dress up nice and neat./And you shall have a grand school-treat" And off they all go in brakes and waggons for a day in the country! A treasure in any condition.

Cecil Aldin, the animal artist and humorist, builds on the wit of Bingham's verses. The animals' expressions are a delight. An early Ragbook produced with fine artwork and writing. Aldin, already an established illustrator, received 10 times the fee of any previous artist and went on to produce several wonderful rag books for Deans. (Cope)




19598 Sunbonnet Babies Dean's Rag

Sunbonnet Babies (Dean's Rag)

Little poems and pictures on each page: Fishing, Skipping, Cricket, Having Tea, Hide and Seek. "Sunbonnet Babies is one of the latest and cleverest of Dean's well-known rag books" The Stationer, Oct. 1908. The early 20th c Sunbonnet Baby craze included this cloth book, which is scarce today. Very little information is to be found on the book itself. See Peter and Dawn Cope's reference.




20931 A Bow-Wow Book. /Stanley Tyreman Berkeley, ill Dean's

A Bow-Wow Book.

Dogs in action: On the cover, the title encircled by a leash and a white and tan Borzoi, Russian Wolfhound, curled around a terrier type dogs with large upright ears, on the back two black and tan puppies with huge feet, pages comprise: 3 bulldogss "Types of English beauty", a Landseer Newfoundland who has just rescued a doll from the ocean, two setters (English?) guarding a dead pheasant, a fox terrier saying "Good Morning" to a horse, 3 intense terriers staring down a hole, two Great Danes "Warranted 'Quiet to Drive'", a spread with hitched "Esquimaux dogs used for Arctic Sledging", The Poodle's Toilet, Greyhounds Racing, four hound puppies up to mischief, and on the last page miserable puppies with bows in a wicker basket "Home From the Wash." Berkeley, an accomplished artist who died as this book was being published, created the famous company logo.



20574 Walt Disney's A B C  cloth book

Walt Disney's A B C

Bright little figures and big coloured letters, with almost all the Disney figures, arranged two letters per figure (G galloping H horse = Goofy galloping on a horse.)



20196 HalloNeddy A. E. Kennedy Deans

Hallo, Neddy.

AE Kennedy worked for many different publishers. His career spanned over 45 years. The spirit of these large animals comes across so clearly in this difficult medium of printing on cloth.




20178 Toys At Play by Reid photos by Waite. Marshall Fields.

Toys at Play.

It's 1937, in the midst of the Great Depression. As the Children drowsily wait for their mother to finish shopping, they think about what they want for Christmas, and the toys in Marshall Fields begin to come alive. There must be about 50 dolls and toys in this books, all caught by the photographer in the midst of their play. Very bright colours. Sturdy enough for a modern child, of interest to a toy and doll collector.



20352 Walt Disney / Dean's Rag Books Set of 6: Donald Duck, Mickey, Pluto etc.

Complete Set of 1961 Walt Disney / Dean's Rag Books: Titled Walt Disney's.... #6104 Donald Duck and His Nephews; #6105 Mickey the Gardener, #6106 Pluto and his Friends, #6113 Figaro the Playful Kitten, #6114 Dumbo, #6115 Bambi and Thumper.

A very fresh and charming set of six little cloth books, designed in 1961, dated by Sotheby's July, 1980 Sale of Dean's Archives, (Lot 265). Although Disney and Dean's had collaborated previously on toys, this set represented a larger range of characters. It was followed later in the 60's by 4 others including an alphabet book and a mother goose. Individual books, and thus set, are scarce. Ask to see more jpgs.



17503 Outdoor Play Kohler's Felt Toy Books Hurlbut

Outdoor Play.

Hardy children playing outside in all weather: Jan- coasting down the hill, Feb- skating on the ice, Mar- making a snowman (!), Apr- making a garden, May- gathering wildflowers, June- flying kites, July playing in the park, Aug- giving a picnic, SeptOct- gathering leaves, NovDec- on the schoolhouse playground, in the snow. A much snowier and colder world. These are full colour illustrations from gutter to edge.

Wool felt books are sturdy, quiet, light, and warm. Like Japanese crepe paper books, they take colour better than woven cloth. They were briefly popular before WWI, but probably the difficulty of keeping them clean was daunting and they tended to darken easily when exposed to light. They are now rare. Kohler, Co under Anderson & Stoner, had produced fourteen titles in four series in 1908, and Saalfield others. Now, as far as we can tell, there are only about five books in all on Worldcat, in the Library of Ccongress etc., as well as a similar number online.




Little Pets Linen ABC.

Little Pets Linen ABC.

A first primer, with three examples of each initial letter sound in the small pictures "Quaker, Quail, Quiver" and CVC words and sentences to practice on, ending with a simple story. The front cover gives an interesting message about the value of learning to read!



Little Playmates ABC

Little Playmates ABC

The children in the black and white pictures with plain graphics ride bicycles and wear short, plain dresses; the coloured pictures look more like romantic Victorian productions, perhaps from Valentine stock, with lutes and sheep with ribbons and bells. A lovely full colour portrait on the front cover of a boy in knickers peering through a knothole attended by his patient dog. A funny child dressed as a man reading a newspaper on the back. All in all a nice collection of stock illustrations.



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