Fairy & Folk Tales

22115 Beyond the Blue Mountains L. T. Meade Cassell 1910/1893

Beyond the Blue Mountains. L. T. Meade 1910/1893

Four orphans are summoned by the King to travel to his kingdom Beyond the Blue Mountains to rejoin their parents. One brother sister pair proceeds fairly quickly on the upward path, the other takes longer , succumbing to many temptations. An engaging fairytale/allegory "derived from Pilgrim's Progress but set in a flower-fairy children's world" (Bratton) and told in simple language. L. M. Meade, was a prolific Irish writer who essentially established the girls' school story.



The Sleeping Beauty.

The busy life of the castle and its long sleep under the hedge of thorns are beautifully rendered.




21468 Columbine, the White Cat. (Slottie is present)

Columbine, the White Cat. (Slottie is present)

An old French folk tale, the old king decides which of his three sons to inherit the throne. The youngest prince meets the mysterious white cat "Lady Columbine" in her castle.



21564 Hop O' My Thumb, chapbook.

Hop O' My Thumb.

The centerfold of the huge giant spread out on the ground is signed by the engraver Edward P. Cogger (Cogger SC).



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