Modern Juvenile Fairy & Folk Collections

20760 The Twelve Clever Brothers Ginsburg

The Twelve Clever Brothers and Other Fools.

15 Folk Tales from Russia: The Twelve Clever Brothers Go to Town, How Grandpa Mowed the Lord's Meadow, The Fool and the Birch, Eight Donkeys, How Two Brothers Improved Their Luck, The Crooked Pine, The Clever Fool, Tyndal and the Priest, Tyndal Goes to Market, Dividing the Axe, The Vain Lord, The Wolf Cub, Barter, How the Twelve Clever Brothers Got Their Feet Mixed Up.



The Little Good People by Kathleen Foyle, Peter Frazer, ill.

The Little Good People.

Twenty-two Irish legends collected by Kathleen Foyle



19678 The Unicorn with the Silver Shoes by Young, ill Robert Lawson.

Unicorn with Silver Shoes.

By the an Irish poet and Celtic mythologist who came to live in California and knew many of the artists and authors of her day. Author of the Tangle-Coated Horse, she was well known by the group of children's editors and librarians in the 30's who relished these folk tales. The book " grew out of stories I used to tell to two children who had a fondness for tales about Ogres and Magicians and Strange Beasts. In an unlucky hour I invented Ballor's Son and could never be quit of him after...." The Ballor's son's adventures with fantastic creatures. An early Robert Lawson.



Foxglove Tales by Alison Uttley, Shirley Felts, ill.

Foxglove Tales

A group of Uttley's tales, chosen from the range of her work by Lucy Meredith and published on the centenary of Uttley's birth.



Tales of the Western World by Suddeth & Morenus, Warren Hunter, ill.

Tales of the Western World: folk tales of the Americas.

38 tales from the Western Hemisphere, in 12 sections, taken primarily from English sources and "modified, condensed or expanded" by the authors.



Stories to Shorten the Road by Effie Power, Dorothy Bayley, ill.

Stories to Shorten the Road.

Poor Man and the Flask of Oil, Murdoch's Rath, Man Who Was Going to Mind the House, Hans Who Made the Princess Laugh, King of the Birds, Why the Sea is Salt, Hafiz the Stonecutter, Old Woman and the Tramp, Goody 'Gainst the Stream, Katcha and the Devil, How the Son of the Gobjaun Saor Sold the Sheepskin, Jack the Giant Killer, the Three Golden Hairs of the Old Man Vsevede, The Red Ettin, The King and the Miller of Mansfield. Chosen by a Cleveland librarian.



Ardizzone's Hans Andersen.

Ardizzone's Hans Andersen.

Who better to illustrate Andersen!



The Pineapple Child by Peggy Appiah, Mora Dickson, ill.

The Pineapple Child and other Tales from the Ashanti.

Stories told to the author's husband by fellow political detainees. Appiah, the daughter of Sir Stafford Cripps, says she is constantly amazed by the inventiveness and humour of these folk stories, still very much a part of Ghanian life today.



Bantu Tales by Virginia Holladay, Rocco Negri illus.

Bantu Tales.

Nineteen short tales collected and told by Holladay, a teacher in what is today the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with wonderful woodcut illustrations.



The Hamish Hamilton Book of Kings, Farjeon & Mayne, ed; Ambrus, ill.

The Hamish Hamilton Book of Kings.



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