Older Fairy & Folk Books

Fairy Legends of the French Provinces. Cary (Carey). Crowell, 1887, 1903.

Fairy Legends of the French Provinces.

Thirty-four short tales from the provinces of France, some from the colonies, with the transcriber named.



The Wild Flower Fairy Book by Singleton, C. B. Falls, ill. 15/16 plates present

The Wild Flower Fairy Book. (Wildflower).




La Fontaine. (Delierre, illustrator): Roberts Brothers, 1884

The Fables of La Fontaine.

Reproduction of the translations of Robert Thomson Paris, 1806 with very beautiful deep etchings original to this edition.



A Round Dozen by Coolidge, Susan. /F. Merrill, illustrator. 1890/1883

A Round Dozen.

A collection of stories for young children: Queen Blossom, Toinette and the Elves, Jean's Money and What It Bought. With six pages of ads for Susan Coolidge's books.



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