Holiday Books

The Santa Clauses.

The Santa Clauses.

Little Charlie takes matters into his own hands to prove that Santa Claus is real. Bright full-colour paintings of many Santas on facing pages. Translated. from German.



Christmas Carols for Young Children.

Christmas Carols for Young Children.

It is a pleasure to see these images, although the colour seems dulled compared to early 20th c illustrations.



At Christmas Time by Worth, illus by Frasconi.

At Christmas Time.

Christmas "Tree Lot/Weary of glare And clatter, Slush and exhaust,/We stop for breath In this hushed Miraculous grove,/Haunted by scents Of distant Forests and hills/And a ghostly Unforgettable Savor of happiness."About 50 poems. Coloured woodcuts by a master. (Much more easily appreciated if the jpg is opened to full screen. Just click on the photo.)



22591 Little Peter Lucas Malet  / Paul Hardy, illus.

Little Peter

Peter, a believably sweet and innocent little child, has two friends, the stuffy Cincinnatus, and the bitter crippled hermit Jean Paqualin, who is hated in the small French village near his home in the pine forest. A touching, romantic book. Mary Harrison (1852 - 1931), the daughter of Charles Kingsley, admired by famous writers in her day and an author of best-selling novels in the 1920's. She died in poverty and her works are only recently being revived. Fine woodblock plates and illustrations in text by Hardy (1862 - 1942)



33473 Plum Pudding for Christmas Kahl

Plum Pudding for Christmas

The Duchess and the children were glad their father had avoided the big warrior and brought delicious ingredients for the pudding! "Plums that are purple, plums in a clump,/So that each bumpy lump is a plum that is plump." SIGNED and INSCRIBED from the Duchess and Virginia Kahl.



The Nutcracker by Hoffman, Anthea Bell reteller, Zwerger, ill.

The Nutcracker.

Anthea Bell later simplified her original Zwerger book text for small children, using the original half page pictures for full page ones.(except the jacket/cover picture which is the wrong shape). This book is oblong, with the larger pictures not quite as bright.



21796 A Day to Remember by Bernard Stone, Anton Pieck, ill.

A Day to Remember.

Wonderfully detailed pictures of Christmas in a town in Holland in the late 19th century. Christmas week all over the city, a candy shop, a Punch and Judy show, skating on the river....



21201 Silent Night by Will Moses

Silent Night.

The birth of a baby in Vermont on Christmas Eve. Each little chapter, illustrated with paintings, is titled with a phrase from the carol. A lovely book by the great-grandson of Grandma Moses.



The Bears' Christmas Surprise.

All the forgotten teddy bears come together from toy store shelves and toy boxes on Christmas with a plan  to help people remember the lonely ones on this day.



Das Peitschchen.

Jesus and his mother fled through Flanders to the city of Ghent and thus begins the story of the spinning top with its whip (winding string). Little pictures by Kredel in text.



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