Mother Goose

My Son John. (Frampton, David)

My Son John. (Frampton, David)

Although the text serves to illustrate how difficult it is to copy the inspired inanity of Mother Goose, the design is marvellous, with hand lettered white verse against background on one side and bold oilcoloured woodcuts on the other.



22305 Backe backe Kuchen - anon.

Backe backe Kuchen,

Thick boards with large happy children and animals: Ri-ra-rutfch; Tanz, Kindlein, Tanz; Hopp, hopp, hopp; backe, backe Kuchen; Ihr Diener,; Spannenlanger Hansel; Storch, Storch, guter; ABC das Kätzchen lief in'n Schnee; Trarira, der Sommer, der ist da; Tingel Tingel Reihe; Eio popeio, was raschelt im Stroh?, Schlaf, mein kleines Mäuschen.



21584 Richardson Mother Goose Popular Edition.

Mother Goose Popular Edition.




21555 12 Mother Goose pamphlets, Jessie Willcox Smith/Colgate.

12 Jessie Willcox Smith Mother Goose Melodies advertising booklets.

Beautiful little booklets on high quality paper with pictures from the large Willcox Mother Goose book. These appeared the same year as a promo ad, according to Nudelman. These twelve titles, not the later four booklets, originally appeared in a plain card box with a little boxed tube of Colgate's Ribbon Dental cream: we'll include a photo but, unfortunately, not the box. They will be sent in a commercial black cloth box for safekeeping.



21572 Chapbook JackandJill McLoughlin Publisher

Jack and Jill.

Jack and Jill give and take as they make seesaws and swings and tangle with the sow.



20312 The Land of Long Ago by Weedon, pub. by Nister.

The Land of Long Ago, a Visit to Fairyland.

Humpty Dumpty escorts two children to the other side of a high brick wall at the bottom of the garden and into fairyland, where nursery rhyme and story characters await. Beautiful scenes can be let down to show Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, The Sleeping Beauty, Puss in Boots, There Was an Old Woman, and Beauty and the Beast. (Hunt p. 337) The pop-up mechanisms are designed so that young children can operate them.



Willie Winkie's Nursery Songs of Scotland.

Willie Winkie's Nursery Songs of Scotland.

Mrs. Silsbee has made available verses written for Scottish children a few years previously, trying to retain "the racy terseness so often weakened by a translation." The work of William Miller, Alexander Smart, James Ballantyne, Alexander Rodger, George Donald, Alexander Laing, William Ferguson, and John Crawford.



The Mother Goose Book - Provensen

The Mother Goose Book - Provensen

Traditional illustrations by the Provensen's in warm colours. First printing, without jacket. New York Times Best Illustrated.



The White Land. A Picture Book of Traditional Rhymes and Verses.

A wonderfully imaginative Mother Goose that should be part of any collection.. however this is an ex-library..



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