Older Myth & Fable Books.

20424 The Enchanted Forest Legends of the Scolt Lapps

The Enchanted Forest: Legends of the Scolt Lapps.

Wonderful, perceptive folk tales from a tribe in Northern Lapland, some ancient, some from post Christian times, in which the language of the translator, who lived for long periods of time among the Scolts blends smoothly. Note: This book has been SOLD.



10730 A Wonder-Book for Girls and Boys. Hawthorne

A Wonder-Book for Girls and Boys.

.. Note: This book has been sold.



17559 FablesdelaFontaine, Lorioux, illus.

Fables de la Fontaine.

In the same format as his Perrault of 1927. Wry, comic illustrations of Aesop's tales with very simple text. The animal and insect expressions are a delight! A lovely copy of this book.
NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



19717 The Little Esop.

The Little Esop. (Aesop)

A charming little book with each verse or story illustrated by a clear woodcut. Although there is no authorship attributed, given the date, the publishers were probably involved. Aesop "became and instructor, and conveyed his lessons of life and manners in the simple and entertaining form of fables; or incidents and dialogues, supposed chiefly amongst the beasts and birds. If these animals could really speak, perhaps we should find them complaining of injustice at having such follies imputed to them; and if there were an Esop amongst them, he might give us THEIR thoughts of US, and so produce the most instructive and amusing book of fables in the world." The Little ... Robinson Crusoe, Pilgrim's Progress, etc also published at this time.



All About Hansel and Grethel.

A dear little book, just the right size for a child's hand.



Little Zee, a Fairy Story  by Julia Moseley Daniels, Sumner 1881

Little Zee, a Fairy Story

A fairy story in six chapters for very little children, about five little fairy brothers who went off on adventures. We get the impression that it wasn't really very far to the king's palace, but it took them "many weary days". The oldest brothers broke their wings among the cruel rocks and went to sleep in the harebells. Only Little Zee, who almost wasn't allowed to come, was able to fly to the palace, rescue the prince, and get his brothers back home (where their mother mended their wings.) An attractive little volume, with the story well told. The illustrations are not credited and I would guess were drawn by the author. Probably written before the author moved south to Florida, see her letters. Issued with variant bindings, see Univ of Florida holding.



The Snow Garden by Elizabeth Wordsworth, Longmans, 1895, 1st.

The Snow Garden & other Tales.

Dame Elizabeth Wordsworth (1840 - 1942) great-niece of the poet William Wordsworth, was a prolific writer of adult books, the founding and 30 year principal of Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, and the founder of St. Hugh's college. Perhaps this explains the beautiful binding of this, her only children's book. These are subtle and beautiful original tales for older children, some previously published, some told to her nephews, little boys with whooping cough who were tired of making boats and "gas pipes" out of newspaper.

Perhaps children "when they do not feel equal to reading anything very important or improving... may like to come and sit on the hearth rug by the fire and fancy themselves in fairyland for a few moments. It is not a bad place, and after all, there is something to be learnt there as well as in the lesson books."

The Snow Garden, Who is Master?; The Field of the Lost Tempers; The Astrologer; The Creaking Door; 'Seeing the Kingfisher'; Burning One's Luck; The Rocking-horse; Sir Dugald; The Changeling. Note: This book has been sold.



Folk Story Plays for Children.

Plays arranged so that children can put them on themselves and will be inspired to create their own: The Poor Old Dog, Russia; Fairy Old Boy and the Tiger, China; The Good Housewife and Her Labors, Ireland; The Magic Rose, Brittany



Mother Earth's Children by Elizabeth Gordon, /M. T. Ross, ill

Mother Earth's Children: the Frolics of the Fruits and Vegetables.

A much later reprint of the 1914 Volland original, with clean pages and quite nice interior colour and paper quality for a Wise-Parslow, although the binding pales. Wise-Parslow purchased the Volland books in the early 30's and thus any Wise-Parslow copy of this book is definitely NOT a first edition or even a "first thus", despite what you may see online.
NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



The Forge in the Forest.

"A gem of American bookmaking" Realms. Bader #s 245, 246.



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