22115 Beyond the Blue Mountains L. T. Meade Cassell 1910/1893

Beyond the Blue Mountains. L. T. Meade 1910/1893

Four orphans are summoned by the King to travel to his kingdom Beyond the Blue Mountains to rejoin their parents. One brother sister pair proceeds fairly quickly on the upward path, the other takes longer , succumbing to many temptations. An engaging fairytale/allegory "derived from Pilgrim's Progress but set in a flower-fairy children's world" (Bratton) and told in simple language. L. M. Meade, was a prolific Irish writer who essentially established the girls' school story.



Up the Chimney to Ninny Land, Chester, A. S. M.  T. Nelson & Sons, 1894

Up the Chimney to Ninny Land, a Story for Children (On top board Up the Chimney to Ninny-Land A Fairy Story).

Somewhere between Alice and Mrs. Piggle-wiggle ... the little boys visit a land of ninnies, children who are forced to misbehave as much as they once wished, but who will never grow up, finnininnies, dinnininnies, etc. "The very youngest children will revel in its quaint pictures and the strange and amusing happenings of the two little boys who went up the chimney to Fairyland." Publisher's Weekly 9/29/1894. Apparently so, these are scarce. The very imaginative plates and drawings by one artist are well presented but not credited. Note: This Book has been sold..



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