20912 Paddy's Pay-Day Alexandra Day

Paddy's Pay-Day

Paddy's mistress gives him a little green purse with his share of the take from his work as an entertainer. The story follows him around town as he uses his money to buy food and flowers and go to a matinee. (Lassie with Elizabeth Taylor) An almost wordless fantasy with full page paintings.



20832 Jocasta Carr, Movie Star by Roy Gerrard.

Jocasta Carr, Movie Star.

The evil Maxwell Pym stole Jo's costar, and Jo flew around the world to find him. "So dognapping cost Maxwell dear/And spelled the end of his career/He, who'd known both power and riches,/Faced a future digging ditches." While Jo and Belle resumed their starring roles.



20387 JIm Ugly by Fleischman, illus Smith.

JIm Ugly

Jake and his half-wolf dog search the west for his missing actor father.



8511 Steve and the Guide Dogs. by Armer / Kocsis illustrator.

Steve and the Guide Dogs.

Stevie undertakes to raise a German shepherd puppy that will eventually go to the Guide Dog School. He "has to learn some bitter lessons in heartbreak and in perseverance."



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