22195 Willie P. Shelton's Books, homemade spines and stitches.

Willie P. Shelton's Books, A little boy's library 1870s.

A little child's library, much loved and all in absolutely terrible condition. Clearly Bad Boy Bob was Willie's favorite! And no wonder. Note the glasses Willie has added to all the boys in the center spread. Someone, perhaps Willie's sister, has attempted to repair the damage by covering all the book spines, and even a long tear, with strips of patterned material of the day, as well as taking large orange stitches in the tears. A charming glimpse into the world of children and books almost 150 years ago. Institutional discount.



History of an Apple Pie.

History of an Apple Pie.

Within, red and white pictures on a black background which accentuate the comic characters of the poem. PLEASE NOTE: This book has been sold.



21898 In Town ABC Raphael Tuck Publishers, Field and Farm Series

In Town ABC.

Some glimpses of turn of the century dog breeds in this ABC: poodle, bulldogs, terriers, dachshunds, young Saint or Landseer puppy and some sweet kittens, too.



In the Garden ABC Raphel Tuck, Father Tuck's "The Field and Farm"

In the Garden ABC.

All charming scenes of children and animals in nature in the summer... except the last, XYZ Father Christmas is near, Goodbye to the flowers, Winter is here.



The Nursery ABC

The Nursery ABC.

A charming redheaded child on the front and an interesting primer, a variant of an older one (uses Xerxes and Obelisk). Note: This Book Has Been Sold.



An American ABC/Petersham.

An American ABC.

O is for Old Glory. Q is for Quakers. R is for Redskins. S is for South America and Simon Bolivar. A little essay on each.



The Alphabet Tree/Lionni

The Alphabet Tree/Lionni

When the wind scattered the frightened letters from their leaves, a funny bug taught them to make words and stick together, "But not good enough," said the purple caterpillar. "You must say something Important". NOTE: This book has been sold.



A Cottage Garden Alphabet.

A Cottage Garden Alphabet.

Handcoloured papercuts: I is for Iris, J is for Johnny Jump Up, L is for lavender.... SIGNED by author/artist with a charming little hedgehog. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



A Bible ABC.

A Bible ABC.

A very simple little book with elegant prints in the style of linoleum block or even silk screen. Grace Hogarth was a children's book editor on both sides of the Atlantic. A favorite from my childhood. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



Let's See the ABC. Peggy Cloth-Books.

Let's See the ABC.

Three seals on a stage hold up the ABC, inside most pages have humorous drawings for each letter, two to a page. With contemporary article on this book by Workbook magazine Vol. 16, No. 8, May 1951 laid in, at which point the publisher is still listed as "Peggy Cloth-Books, Inc". (Platt and Munk published these in the 60's) A piece of Americana in lovely condition. Note: This book has been sold.



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