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Het Nijntje Kleurboek (Miffy's coloring book)

Het Nijntje Kleurboek (Miffy's coloring book)

.Very fresh and easy to imagine with bright colours! Note: This book has been sold.



 Ark That Glue Built. Clara Williams/George Williams, ill. Stokes 1908/1908.

The Ark That Glue Built.

Magnificent pictures of the animals: constructing the ark, running toward it in a storm, drowning in the flood, sitting at dinner in the ark, playing, dancing, conferring with Noah, and racing off onto dry land two by two. Apparently done by a careful older child, so that the cutting of the black lines is not perfect and a few of the placements are debatable, but a wonderful piece and hard to find in this series.



22512 Stick'em Animal Cotouts Platt & Munk, (1939)

Stick'em Animal Cutouts.

Cheerful animals in stylish garb, by an unknown artist. Going to the circus, tucked in bed, swinging high, and having a picnic. A lovely large printing of this book in gift condition.



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