Ponies of Mykillengi by Lonzo Anderson, illust by Adrienne Adams.

Ponies of Mykillengi.

A touching book by this husband/wife team, with coloured pictures on every spread. A long time ago, two brave children from a lonesome farm in Iceland, set off with their ponies, one about to foal. Then the wind changes, the earth trembles... NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



Jexium Island by Madeleine Grattan / du Bois, illus. Viking, 1967, 1st printing.

Jexium Island.

Drawn from memories of a childhood near the banks of the Garonne and inspired by tales of the Resistance. The heroes crack a ring of kidnappers who capture children to work on a North Atlantic island of jexium deposits. An uneven but memorable book. Note: This book has been sold.



22022 Katt-Resan Bilderbook 1955/1909, pb

Katt-Resan Bilderbok.

A funny little girl sits astride her cat with a driving whip (which she doesn't use on the cat) as they go off on adventures. A very modern seeming book written for the author's little girl in 1909. Minimal text. Lots of white space. A little classic.

This 1955 paperback copy very tight. The pictures of the interior illustrations are taken from our  hardcover 1923/1909 copy. The pictures are exactly the same size but the older pictures have a more nuanced, less orange, cast.



19346 Hairbreadth Escapes of Major Mendax by Crofton

Hairbreadth Escapes of Major Mendax.

"The Book for Boys - His perilous encounters, startling adventures, and daring exploits with indians, cannibals, wild beasts, serpents, balloons, geysers, etc. all over the world, in the bowels of the earth and above the clouds." Lest we overdo the doll and puppy books, we'll add this one to the mix! The Major tells his nephew Bob one horrifying adventure after another, with "spirited illustrations."



Vassilis on the Run (Flucht Wassilis, Flucht).

Vassilis and his family return to Greece from Albania, and he must become a shoeshine boy in Athens. Here he unwillingly becomes involved with drug runners, is framed, and must escape the police to establish his innocence.



Tom-Toms in Kotokro.

The exciting adventure of a Polish father and son, seeking safety in the jungles of the Ivory Coast, and Yago, exiled by his tribe.



The River and the Forest.

Volodya sets out for his grandfather's hut but the weather changes and he gets lost. The journey starts idyllically, but soon becomes life-threatening.



Thorny's Hideaway.

Two American children visit a ranch in Alberta for the summer. Before they are even off the train, they meet a tough little runaway named Thorny. Note: This Book Has Been Sold.



Prove yourself a hero.

Jonathan lives through a hair raising adventure, when he is kept for ransom on a boat in the North Sea. He grows to understand his own courage. Note: This book has been sold.



You Never Knew Her As I Did.

Lord Seton involves Will Douglas in a daring plan to rescue Mary Queen of Scots from her island prison.



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