21218 The Raven and Other Fairy Tales. Payne

The Raven and Other Fairy Tales.

Four African tales illustrated by Payne include the title story, The Queen Bee, Clever Beauty and Dapplegrim, Tales that were first told and illustrated for children in the Sewanee Kindergarten and Nursery School Note: This book has been SOLD.



20383 Jock of the Bushveld, abridged. Fitzpatrick

Jock of the Bushveld, abridged.

A classic 1907 tale of a bull terrier who shares his master's life in the veld.



21212 Yank in Africa by Bartman, Diana Thorne ill.

Yank in Africa.

The story of how Yank sails North Africa on a troop ship, how he grows up and is trained, with dog paintings by Thorne on each spread. The story makes several references to Aiki or Atlas Mountain dogs (not named) guarding sheep, and includes one painting of a large white Atlas Mountain dogs running along with Yank.



6038 Sebgugugu the Glutton. - Aardema/ Clouse

Sebgugugu the Glutton.

A retelling of a folk tale about a greedy villager from Aardema's book, Beyond the Back of the Mountain, brightly and nicely illustrated in bold African colours.



20248 A Promise to the Sun - Tololwa/Vidal.

A Promise to the Sun.

In this East African pourquoi tale, the brave little bat hides in shame from the sun because although the sun has fulfilled his promise to bring rain, the bat could not build a nest for him in return. Each spread is a beautiful landscape filled with different birds..



21381 Agassu, Legend of the Leopard King. - Dupré


A West African hwenoho or historically based myth, telling of Agassu, descendant of the gods, who worked as a slave along the coast, was released by a powerful storm, and returned to his people to free them from evil rulers. The pictures are formed by collages of civil rights leaders overpainted with the scenes of the story and very short biographies follow. Gift condition.



4042 Pot Full of Luck - Rose/ Tomes.

Pot Full of Luck

A West African, Ashanti, fable. A wise man named Mumba gets tired of giving out advice and answers and so decides to store away his wisdom and get some rest. He orders his wife to make a large tight clay pot, and when she does he stashes his wits deep inside it. But then he handles the pot in such a noodle-headed way that it finally drops and breaks, scattering bits of wisdom 'every which way.' "



21647 The Magic Stone and other stories. - Ibongia and Dobrin

The Magic Stone:

Eight folk stories collected from elders living deep in the Kisii highlands of western Kenya. Striking woodblock illustrations.  Note: This book has been SOLD



12478 Thabo's Deal - Needham/Zuidema, Capetown 1972

Thabo's Deal.

Sensitive charcoal drawings with earthtone washes illustrate a simple story about a little boy from the mountains of Lesotho. Rare. Worldcat shows two copies in English in Botswana, South Africa.  Note: This book has been SOLD



21753 Mzee Nyachote. -  Roeland Japuonjo

Mzee Nyachote.

"Delightful tales describing various episodes in the life of Mzee Nyachote, a respected elder and teacher among his people".  Note: This book has been SOLD



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