16485 Stevie, John Steptoe 1965

Stevie, John Steptoe.1965, 1st. Artist's first book at 19.

The first book by a brilliant young painter, beautifully illustrated in heavy black line and glowing colour, and told in a softened version of NYC African American dialect. Steptoe's was a new voice in children's books at the time.




Javaka's family has left America for a " 'fantasied situation, happening in no particular place' where people live together in harmony and dignity" (flap). It's his birthday .. time for a party! Thick outlines define the deep, bright colours.



Songs and Stories from Uganda by Serwadda, Dillons, illustrators.

Songs and Stories from Uganda.

Songs and stories transcribed and edited, with music by Hewitt Pantaleoni. NOTE: This book has been sold.



The Pineapple Child by Peggy Appiah, Mora Dickson, ill.

The Pineapple Child and other Tales from the Ashanti.

Stories told to the author's husband by fellow political detainees. Appiah, the daughter of Sir Stafford Cripps, says she is constantly amazed by the inventiveness and humour of these folk stories, still very much a part of Ghanian life today.



Bantu Tales by Virginia Holladay, Rocco Negri illus.

Bantu Tales.

Nineteen short tales collected and told by Holladay, a teacher in what is today the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with wonderful woodcut illustrations.



The Monkey's Haircut and other stories told by the Maya.

A mixture of stories told by the Maya, from the Popul Vuh to African and Spanish stories, collected and retold by an outstanding interpretor of folklore for children.  Note: This Book has been sold.



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