African American children's literature

Every Man Heart Lay Down by Graham

Every Man Heart Lay Down.

The Nativity as heard by the author from storytellers at a Liberian mission in poetic West African English. Pictures of a tender African mother and child with illustrations inspired by African traditional art. By the early and important African American author, of the  Town Series for older children. This reissued story formed part of his 1946 book, How God Fix Jonah. See the site maintained by his daughter:



Everett Anderson's Christmas Coming by Lucille Clifton.

Everett Anderson's Christmas Coming.

SIGNED and Inscribed by Clifton. Note: This book has been sold.

"14A/is up so high/our Christmas bounces/off the sky/and shines on all/the downer ones/Merry Christmas to them/says Mama/Merry Christmas from me/says Everett Anderson." Sensitive poems and pictures of a young black child. Clifton, a well known writer of poetry for adults, wrote many books for children as well, including the Everett Anderson series..

Books in the series:
    * Everett Anderson's Goodbye (Henry Holt)
    * One of the Problems of Everett Anderson (Henry Holt)
    * Everett Anderson's Friend (Henry Holt)
    * Everett Anderson's Christmas Coming (Henry Holt)
    * Everett Anderson's 1-2-3 (Henry Holt)
    * Everett Anderson's Year (Henry Holt)
    * Some of the Days of Everett Anderson (Henry Holt)
    * Everett Andersson's Nine Month Long (Henry Holt)




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