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21372 NoahsArkABCandPictureBook by Grosvenor

Noah's Ark ABC and Picture Book.

Funny, naturalistic animals, most undressed but using fishing rods, glasses, newspapers, fiddles, brooms, etc in the style of Thompson but more delicate. Bright chromolithos and amusing text (the tiger twirling his whiskers in his second hand clothing store "T for Tiger - keep away!/For it eats a man a day") Grosvenor (b. NY 1852- d. Geneva 1920) was a member of San Francisco society who later moved to Los Angeles. Her rare surviving works include paintings and tapestry as well as her other book, also 1905, A Very Small Tale of Two Very Small Bears (also as Fredrika). NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



The Antic Alphabet.

The Antic Alphabet.

The alphabet people have skinny little legs and arms and imaginative coloured fabric costumes, stripes, flowers, stars, dots. They dance on backgrounds of all colours.. vibrant raspberry, turquoise, orange.



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