American History

21883 The Puritan Twins by Perkins

The Puritan Twins.

Gives a good idea of the Puritan perspective on their experience, best read aloud and discussed.



21882 The Colonial Twins of Virginia by Perkins.

The Colonial Twins of Virginia.

"... the Colonial Twins live on a tobacco plantation on the James River in Virginia, and the action - of which there is plenty- takes place in 1676. .... will be especially enjoyed by children who have reached the pirate age."



21451 Skippack School by de Angeli.

Skippack School.

"Being the story of Eli Shrawder (a boy) and of one Christopher Dock, Schoolmaster, about the year 1750." Set in Germantown in Philadelphia.



Bound for Battle: the cruise of the US frigate "Essex" in the War of 1812.

Good primary source enrichment material. NOTE: This book has been sold.



The Whiskey Rebellion, 1794, Revolt in Pennsylvania Threatens American Unity.

NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



The Lords Baltimore.

The story of the six English lords who were responsible for founding and developing the colony of Maryland. NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



Americans Before Columbus.

A narrative history, lively and interesting for a good child reader. Well-illustrated with 32 pages of photographs. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



Becky and her Brave Cat, Bluegrass.

Becky travelled with her cat and her father Daniel Boone to the wilderness of Caintuck, Kentucky. NOTE: This book has been sold.



Roanoke, a novel of the Lost Colony.

A well researched book on the Roanoke colony seen through the experiences of a runaway apprentice. Author's third book. SIGNED and briefly inscribed by author.



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