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19835 Silver Snaffles by Cumming.

Silver Snaffles: a Story of a Shetland Pony.

Jenny, a little girl who longs for a pony, and Tattles, the son of an elegant hunter who pulls a junk cart, both walk through The Dark Corner of the stable to fulfill their dreams at the Extraordinary Riding School. (password: Silver Snaffles) This school is run by the ponies themselves, who are superb instructors: in one week Jenny is able to ride off on to rescue a pony from the snobbish Jostlepots and take part in a glorious hunt ! A classic, gentle fantasy, not just for pony book lovers.



19891 Uncle Stories by Martin, Quentin Blake, ill.

Uncle Stories.

"Uncle is a tremendously wealthy elephant. He has a B. A., a patriarchal disposition, rather strict notions of correct behavior, yet a sentimental nature and a certain joie de vivre" Here he takes on the nasty Hatemans, with the support of his friends.



Jezek Pichacek Mezi Lidmi by S. Cenek, V. Kubasta, ill.

Jezek Pichacek Mezi Lidmi. (Prickly Hedgehog among the People)

During the German occupation, Kubasta worked for a puppet theater under Cenek Sovak. This little hedgehog boy, Jezek Pichacek, was one of the puppets. Subsequently, Sovak and Kubasta created several books about Jezek Pichacek. Many coloured pictures throughout the text. In this Jezek has adventures with an elegantly dressed cat-like creature, and eventually returns home. See also the earlier book, signed by Sovak,  Jezek Pichacek mezi Zviratky. Rare.



Jezek Pichacek Mezi Zviratky. by Sovak, Vojtech Kubasta ill 1946/1944. SIGNED

Jezek Pichacek Mezi Zviratky. (Prickly Hedgehog ...)

The Jezek Pichacek books are among Kubasta's earliest work for children, see our listing above for JP mezi Lidmi. This book is signed by the writer and director of the puppet theater: Loutkova scena v dome Komenskeho, a reference to Comenius. The story tells of Jezek's early years and is full of wonderful coloured animal paintings in text. SIGNED AND BRIEFLY INSCRIBED BY AUTHOR, 1950; (darkened for legibility in jpg) Rare. Library special collections inquire.



The Bears Upstairs.

Wendy comes to realize that the oddlooking apartment-sitters who have just moved in are bears and then to understand that they are very homesick bears who must journey far into the galaxy. An unusual and touching fantasy.



Mean Margaret.

The woodchucks are such kind parents, they hardly deserve baby Margaret, who comes into their home and grows and grows! A classic tale.



The Brave Tin Soldier.

Rewritten folk and literary tales. "As here told told they are free from the savagery, distressing details, and excessive pathos which mar many of the tales in the form that has come down to us from a barbaric past."
Note: This book has been SOLD



Palmer Patch.

Palmer, the de-scented skunk, comes to live with Jonathan Patch's menagerie of animals.



Hugh Pine and Something Else.

Hugh Pine accompanies his friend Mr. McTosh to New York, and sees Something Else. Even in the big city he makes friends and helps other animals with their problems.



Mr. Rabbit's Big Dinner, Hollow Tree Stories.

A collection of stories: Hollow Tree People, Mr. Rabbit's Big Dinner, Crow's Company, First and Second Moon Story, On the Edge of the World, First and Second Pig Story.



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