21581 Ant and Bee and the ABC by Banner.

Ant and Bee and the ABC.

A clever ABC: Ant and Bee lose their hats and go looking at the "Lost things saved in boxes place". No luck in the A-Z boxes, but then they found a box called "funny things" and there were the hats! "0" in series but published later, sort of a prequel Note: This book has been sold.



21580 AdventuresofBeWeetheGnome by Grozier, ill Lilian Govey.

The Adventures of Be-Wee the Gnome.

Five stories originally published in England, centering around Be-wee, the little bee-gnome. " 'I believe the Crow-Bat was joking,' " said Wee Careful Toad. But the Tousle Bush said nothing." The writing is in the style of the 20's, with imaginative touches. Govey's fine illustrations, beautiful clear watercolours, give an intimate glimpse into the little gnome's days and bring these stories to life. The publisher reissued this book in 1923 with the 20 plates as "The Creepie-Man and Other Stories". 
Note: This book has been sold.



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