Birds and Animals. McLoughlin, 1920's.

Birds and Animals.

A beautiful big book, with what I would assume are older chromolithos inside, a bit fainter than the birds on the cover. The sepia pictures are very nice, all by the same anonymous artist. This large book is constructed with half folio sheets glued together, rather than folded sheets.



3622 The Bird Who Was An Elephant - Karnal/ Lessac.

The Bird Who Was an Elephant.

A bird who was an elephant in a former incarnation cries "I'm back!" A sweet dream of Indian villages for young children with Lessac's bright, funny, detailed illustrations. .



3240 Woodpecker Forest - Tejima.

Woodpecker Forest.

Beautiful woodcut illustrations tell the story of a young woodpecker fledgling leaving the nest for a nearby tree..



The Bluejay Boarders.

A pleasant story set in Kansas in 1913 about a family of children, their grandmother, and a nest of baby jays. By the author of Rifles for Watie.



The Beautiful Blue Jay and Other Tales of India.

A collection of tales told by Indian mothers to their children today, not classical Indian tales, or western tales, but nursery tales from a variety of Indian sources, some not previously written down.



Tea Kettle Cottage and the Hurricane.

A cosy little tea kettle cottage inhabited by robins survives a storm, with coloured charcoal pictures on each page.




Corbie starts life as a freak; an unloved, white crow.



Here Comes Parren.

Parron the Ravot was the cleverest bird ever, with an impressive vocabulary to match.



Pretty Poll: A Parrot's Own Story./Harrison Weir, ill. Evans and Brittan (1854)

Pretty Poll: A Parrot's Own Story

Starts right out in a squawky old parrot voice: "I am tired of saying over and over again the same things, so I think I shall begin and tell the history of my life" Pretty Poll travels from her home in the Spice Islands to a little girl's home in America. A very well written mid Victorian animal story, which sticks consistently to the parrot's point of view and does not moralize or talk down. (I have not been able to find the "editor's" name, despite a well known illustrator and engraver.) Pretty Poll can be found in most major library collections, but doesn't often appear online in this condition. This is probably a very early edition, since the book was published again in 1857 by a different New York publisher. (Also simultaneously in London and by Nelson in 1876). Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



Bird Puzzle. (1914)

Bird Puzzle. (1914)

Barn swallow, robin red breast, ruffled grouse, king fisher, scarlet tanager, American crow, tufted Puffin. Circle head puzzle pieces may be matched to bodies. A charming old puzzle, which I bought for a booth decoration, so I know it is one of a set of bird puzzles (The others weren't in such nice condition so I only purchased this one.) Note: This Book Has Been Sold



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