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Everett Anderson's Christmas Coming by Lucille Clifton.

Everett Anderson's Christmas Coming.

SIGNED and Inscribed by Clifton. Note: This book has been sold.

"14A/is up so high/our Christmas bounces/off the sky/and shines on all/the downer ones/Merry Christmas to them/says Mama/Merry Christmas from me/says Everett Anderson." Sensitive poems and pictures of a young black child. Clifton, a well known writer of poetry for adults, wrote many books for children as well, including the Everett Anderson series..

Books in the series:
    * Everett Anderson's Goodbye (Henry Holt)
    * One of the Problems of Everett Anderson (Henry Holt)
    * Everett Anderson's Friend (Henry Holt)
    * Everett Anderson's Christmas Coming (Henry Holt)
    * Everett Anderson's 1-2-3 (Henry Holt)
    * Everett Anderson's Year (Henry Holt)
    * Some of the Days of Everett Anderson (Henry Holt)
    * Everett Andersson's Nine Month Long (Henry Holt)




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