21457 Brim's Boat by Gaunt

Brim's Boat.

"In a valley deserted by human beings, Brim, the terrier finds an old half-built barge." Though it takes persistence and the support of his friends to build and sail the barge, Brim holds on to his dream. A fine story which should be better known.



Perilous Gold.

Bill helps out his father with underwater inspections, but longs to investigate sunken treasure. When he and his father buy a small submarine, treasure hunting becomes possible and dangerous.
NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



Pirate Rock.

"Two teen-age boys are torn between loyalty to the man who has employed them as boat hands so fairly and loyalty to the two countries whose security is threatened by his Communist spying activities." Set in Maine near the Canadian border.



The Boat in the Reeds.

A little boy who is missing his father finds an old boat in the reeds and Tim Mac Cool, an Irish grownup friend. His fantasy world turns real when he tries to sail the boat and Tim must swim out in the channel to save him.



The Long Holiday

School is over, and Michael heads out happily to the sea and shore world he knows so well, netting for flounder, digging for toheroas, messing about in boats. His journey around the bay leads him back to his fisherman father.



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