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The White Elephant by Faulkner, Frederick Richardson, ill. Volland 1929 1st. Box

The White Elephant and Other Tales from India.

Stories taken from various sources and originally broadcast by the "Radio Lady", which read smoothly. Her introduction gives children further books to explore and introduces them to comparative folklore. The illustrations are beautiful: full color plates inspired by Mughal painting, each facing a decorated caption, and others in black and white. (Since all Volland paper was "plate" quality, the colour and b/w could be printed on either side of the sheet.)

The stories are: The White Elephant, The Grain of Corn, The Timid Little Rabbit, Singh Raja and the Cunning Little Jackals, The Kingdom of Mouseland, The Alligator and the Jackal, The Bold Blackbird, The Kid and the Tiger, The Brahmin and the Tiger, The Bear's Bad Bargain, The Man Who Rode a Tiger.



Fairy Tales I Love: "Four Linenlike Books in This Box".

Light, delicate pictures of these favorites. NOTE: This Book has been sold.



Little Fur Family by Margaret Wise Brown, illustrated by Garth Williams. Fur.

Little Fur Family.

A bright tiny book, very cozy to hold, covered with rabbit fur, as was the original edition, subsequent versions issued with fake fur or none. Really not a collectible item without the box, but very appealing in a way. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



 The Lord's Prayer, illustrated by George Kraus.[in slipcase]

The Lord's Prayer.[in slipcase]

A little boxed book with delicate miniatures of traditional Amish life.
NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



The Little Kitten that Would Not Wash Its Face. Deihl. In Box.

The Little Kitten that Would Not Wash Its Face.

The chauffeur gets a mother cat to be a mouser in the garage, but one of her kittens is not well behaved. NOTE: This Book has been sold.



The Little Chick That Would Not Go To Bed. Deihl. In Box.

The Little Chick That Would Not Go To Bed

"Peep, peep" said the little chicken, "I'm going to stay up all night!" Pictures of the little chicken visiting all the farm animals, in rich full colour on every page. Note: This book has been sold.



Why the Robin's Breast is Red by Emma Gellibrand. In box.

Why the Robin's Breast is Red.

By the author of J. Cole. Not really a children's book, as it is about marital problems and unrequited love in the bird world, but pretty; the birches on the cover are just as bright as when the books was new. NOTE: This Book Has Been SOLD.



The Juniper Tree and other tales from Grimm. Lore Segal, Randall Jarrell, Sendak

The Juniper Tree.

A good selection of Grimm, well written by the authors of Tell Me a Mitzi and The Bat Poet, with wonderful Sendak illustrations. In a sturdy slipcase with Sendak plate on front. New York Times Best Illustrated.  Note: This Book Has Been Sold.



Little Dog by Deihl. In Box.

The Little Dog that Would Not Wag His Tail.

Noodles insisted that wagging his tale was just silly nonsense, even though mother said it was Good Manners. So cute!
NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



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