Catalogue 22 Christmas

21224 The Story of the Wise Men carved by Gislebertus.

The Story of the Wise Men carved by Gislebertus.

Gislebertus hoc fecit, a rare record of an individual artist from the 12th century. Beautiful photographs of the sculpture of the master of the cathedral of Autun, humorous and spiritual, grand and lovingly detailed. The first half of the book retells the story of the Wise Men from St. Matthew, the second half of the book is an article by Régine Pernoud and Canon Grivot discussing the significance of the Romanesque master.



20069 The Night Before Christmas von Hofsten.

The Night Before Christmas.

Von Hofsten's illustrations show the old-fashioned tiny Santa, who fits the chimney well. The title poem is laid out on four pages; most of the other poems, of varying length, are Christmas poems. Definitely the later Pleasant Hour version. The book was given to Ruth Van Doren; laid in is her charming 3rd grade handwritten assignment on The Oyster, in careful cursive written with a straight pen in ink, and also her stencil of an apple, this in Fine condition. Note: This Book Has Been Sold.



21606 Noels de France/Rie Cramer illus

Noels de France.

A beautiful production with the unusual pasted-on plates full of movement and mystery: "La Messe de Minuit; Dans les ombres de la nuit; Noël des Rois-Mages; Noël des Bourgeois de Châtre; Noël pour l'amour de Marie ; Chantons, je vous en prie; L'appel des Bergers ; Entre le boeuf et l'âne gris." No date, but these appear to be from her earlier period. Note: This book has been sold.



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