Catalogue 22 Older Books

The Jessie Willcox Smith Mother Goose:(first issue of first (large) edition)

The Jessie Willcox Smith Mother Goose.

A real treasure, which has been read and cared for. Catherine Patricia Bray has very carefully lettered her name and the date, Dec. 25, 1914, with black and red ink in deco style. Her light pencil guidelines are still evident.



21600 The Brown Fairy Book by Lang.

The Brown Fairy Book.

Stories from Africa, Australia, and N. America among others. Most presented by Mrs. Lang, "who does not give them exactly as they are told by all sorts of outlandish natives, but makes them up in the hope white people will like them, skipping the pieces which they will not like." Makes one curious about the originals!
Note: This book is SOLD



21593 Old Nurse's Book ill. Bennett

Old Nurse's Book of Jingles, Rhymes, and Ditties.

Original conceptions of these traditional rhymes including some wonderful pigs. The famous comic artist, a gentle father of a large family, illustrated for children, for comic magazines including Punch, and for other more serious adult works during his short career. This edition hard to find. NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



21582 Mother Goose's Teddy Bears by Cavally

Mother Goose's Teddy Bears, illustrated and adapted to Mother Goose.

"Sure of a welcome before you so much as open the book. The pictures and adaptations are by the same hand, and full of the delicious, chubby attractiveness which only little bears possess. Mother Goose lends herself very readily to a Teddy Bear interpretation, and the colored full-page illustrations and line decorations will delight the children beyond measure." From a 1907 review that holds just as true today. These gently coloured and adapted Steiff bear photos, Teddy's family album, delightfully illustrate verses like "Little Ted Horner/Sat in a corner.." Published just as Teddy's bears became teddy bears, and a lasting part of American culture. The author, a young Colorado postcard artist, apparently never wrote another children's book, but what a fine one this is! NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



21552 Hiawatha, Pogany illus, panorama.


One of a short series of Pogany illustrated panoramas taken from classic stories and folk tales. Lovely illustrations of the hero in feathered war bonnet in pale aqua, greys and browns. NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



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