21038 The Observer's Book of Cats. Pond.

The Observer's Book of Cats.

"Describing all the recognized breeds and varieties with 32 colour and 25 black and white photographs and numerous line drawings." Another in this excellent little series.



Fuzzy Friends, Irma Wilde, ill.

Fuzzy Friends.

Very bright big 40's baby animals.
NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



Farmyard Favorites.

Farmyard Favorites.

The fine linen has a glazed finish resembling oilcloth which lends itself well to deeply coloured chromolithos and sepia line drawings. In colour: a ewe and her lamb on the cover, a cat with a fine dish, cows in a pasture, sheep in the sunshine, a St. Bernard in the snow, a racing collie.
NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



Un Incorrigible Minet. Hachette/Dean's Rag Books.

Un Incorrigible Minet.

A rare example of the Dean's books printed for Hachette at the turn of the century. The naughty kitten Poucet causes all sorts of trouble: he bites his mother's tail, he tangles his Mistress's yarn, he chases the sparrows; he chases the rabbit. Scarce. The English version: DWARF SERIES NO. 22 THE TALE OF A NAUGHTY PUSSIE, PICTURES BY A HANSLIP,(sic) LONDON DEAN'S RAG BOOK CO. NOTE: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD.



The Stray Child written and illustrated by Robert Joyce. Dutton 1934 stated 1st.

The Stray Child.

William, Eugene, and Pansy Face, little child cats, find a little lost boy, take him home, and make a pet of him. A strange little story about the meaning of having pets. Note: This book has been sold.



22028 Historien om den lille Mis. Kold/Larsen

Historien om den lille Mis

A little kitten goes exploring in the Danish countryside without her mother because she wants to catch mice herself.. With woodcut illustrations from the original watercolour illustrations by Larsen. This tale originated in 1865 in an ABC/Nursery story book.



Why Tulip Does Not Catch birds (in Russian)

Charushin was a master at creating animal drawings, full of character, so appealing, yet not "cute". If you like kittens it matters not at all that you don't speak Russian. You'll be able to see just how Tulip feels about birds!



22022 Katt-Resan Bilderbook 1955/1909, pb

Katt-Resan Bilderbok.

A funny little girl sits astride her cat with a driving whip (which she doesn't use on the cat) as they go off on adventures. A very modern seeming book written for the author's little girl in 1909. Minimal text. Lots of white space. A little classic.

This 1955 paperback copy very tight. The pictures of the interior illustrations are taken from our  hardcover 1923/1909 copy. The pictures are exactly the same size but the older pictures have a more nuanced, less orange, cast.



21966 Arabella de Hemelkat Atie Siegenbeek van  Heukelom.

Arabella de Hemelkat.

By a Dutch author, illustrator, and graphic artist, who among other works, documented the women's camps in Ravensbruck from personal experience. This is the second of her two children's books; the first, Brieven aan Bernard (or Letters to Bernard), 1964, is advertized on the back inside cover. This little book, though the size of a young child's novel, is filled with handlettered text and delightful watercolour sketches of Arabella, who comes down from Heaven to comfort her small mistress.



21825 Velvet Paws Bohatta (Bohatta-Morpurgo) reprint.

Velvet Paws

A variety of cats introduce themselves in poetry... lost kittens, mother cats and kittens, howling cats, sleeping cats, mousers.



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