Bess and the Sphinx by Coatsworth / Loewenstein, ill. Macmillan, 1967 1st print

Bess and the Sphinx.

"Who would have guessed that within this small, solid, rather wistful form there burned a passion for travel, for the quality of places and peoples,.."Coatsworth, a very little girl in 1899, travels in Egypt with her family. Includes Bess/EC's poems.
Note: This Book Has Been Sold



The Village Tree, written and illustrated by Taro Yashima, 1st printing. SIGNED

The Village Tree.

Yashima's third book, memories of his childhood painted and written for his daughter Momo. Life for children in his village centered around a huge tree. SIGNED AND INSCRIBED BY AUTHOR/ARTIST IN ENGLISH AND JAPANESE WITH DRAWING OF CHILD FLYING KITE AND CHOP Note: This Book has been sold.



12557 Christmas Eve at Rancho Los Alamitos by Hotchkis.

Christmas Eve at Rancho Los Alamitos.

Family history and recollections of warm and happy Christmases on an old Spanish land grant rancho, originally of 28,000 acres, by a family which lived in it from 1878 until the core 7.5 acres was given to the city of Long Beach. The Rancho's long history:



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