Chinese fairy tale

19265 The Journey of Meng by Doreen Rappaport, ill Yang Ming-Yi.

The Journey of Meng.

Meng sets out on an arduous journey to take warm clothes to her husband, who is working on the Great Wall. An ancient Chinese tale about the power of love and courage, illustrated with lyrical watercolours.



15083 Peach Blossom Spring by Bordewich, Yang Ming-yi ill.

Peach Blossom Spring.

        A fisherman happens on a perfect valley, Peach Blossom Spring, which has been sealed off for hundreds of years. After promising to reveal its secret to no one, he leaves to get his things. Delicate paintings of China.



Folk Story Plays for Children.

Plays arranged so that children can put them on themselves and will be inspired to create their own: The Poor Old Dog, Russia; Fairy Old Boy and the Tiger, China; The Good Housewife and Her Labors, Ireland; The Magic Rose, Brittany



The Story of Pink Jade.

Pink Jade, the most famous courtesan in all China, spurned kings and emperors and sought the king of kings. Review copy slip laid in, nicely illustrated.  Note: This book has been sold.



Three Dragons.

Three original dragon stories about a Chinese dragon, an early Roman two-headed dragon, and a square headed Norse dragon, Gunder Blunder.



The Nightingale.




Tye May and the Magic Brush.

In ancient China, a poor orphan peasant girl wants desparately to learn to paint. A magic woman appears in her sleep and gave her a brush which brings everything she draws to life. A very interesting plot on an early reader level.



The Nightingale.

Beautiful double spreads in glowing colours illustrate the story of the nightingale. Note: This book has been sold.



The Nightingale.

Delicate watercolours influenced by Chinese paintings illustrate this version.



Cricket Boy.

A Chinese tale retold, with lovely, traditional paintings.



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