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16485 Stevie, John Steptoe 1965

Stevie, John Steptoe.1965, 1st. Artist's first book at 19.

The first book by a brilliant young painter, beautifully illustrated in heavy black line and glowing colour, and told in a softened version of NYC African American dialect. Steptoe's was a new voice in children's books at the time.



22306 So Leben Wir in der Stadt. - Keussen.

So Leben Wir in der Stadt.

Very detailed and interesting pictures run across entire spread to board edges and are seen from an angle above: the interior of a well run house; a city square; a street scene with hospital, church, and schools; a train station; a park and building site; a community garden. Lots to observe.



20309 A Tree This Tall by Rice.

A Tree This Tall.

A little boy finds an acorn on his city street and dreams of how beautiful his tree will be in each season, imagined by the artist in torn paper, flat colour, and line. Portland, Oregon author. By an illustrator especially interested in inner city stories.



Night Cars.

One snowy winter night, the author's little son couldn't sleep. Here is what they saw out the window: "Night cars humming through the snow/Night cars drifting/Night cars slow.." A perfect father and son book.



Everett Anderson's Friend.

Everett loses his apartment key and makes a new friend, Maria. NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



Hilding's Summer.

The city summer adventures (falling in a manhole, getting lost) of three young children. Set in Stockholm.



Mr. Top.

Mr. Top views a robbery from his pastoral home atop a NYC skyscraper and a farcical chase throughout New York ensues. Krahn's cartoons are laid out in two frames to a page.



When the City Stopped.

When a series of strikes immobilizes a modern Australian city (Sydney), Mrs. Piggot, lead by her crippled husband, Jo, and a group of abandoned children escapes to the countryside. Realistic and frightening.



Town & Country (Town and Country).

City and farm life compared, with bright paintings.



Everett Anderson's Christmas Coming by Lucille Clifton.

Everett Anderson's Christmas Coming.

SIGNED and Inscribed by Clifton. Note: This book has been sold.

"14A/is up so high/our Christmas bounces/off the sky/and shines on all/the downer ones/Merry Christmas to them/says Mama/Merry Christmas from me/says Everett Anderson." Sensitive poems and pictures of a young black child. Clifton, a well known writer of poetry for adults, wrote many books for children as well, including the Everett Anderson series..

Books in the series:
    * Everett Anderson's Goodbye (Henry Holt)
    * One of the Problems of Everett Anderson (Henry Holt)
    * Everett Anderson's Friend (Henry Holt)
    * Everett Anderson's Christmas Coming (Henry Holt)
    * Everett Anderson's 1-2-3 (Henry Holt)
    * Everett Anderson's Year (Henry Holt)
    * Some of the Days of Everett Anderson (Henry Holt)
    * Everett Andersson's Nine Month Long (Henry Holt)




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