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Birds and Animals. McLoughlin, 1920's.

Birds and Animals.

A beautiful big book, with what I would assume are older chromolithos inside, a bit fainter than the birds on the cover. The sepia pictures are very nice, all by the same anonymous artist. This large book is constructed with half folio sheets glued together, rather than folded sheets.



Tots' Toys Dean's Rag Book #356.

Tots' Toys.

Toy pictures in bright primary colours in a cute little book.



Farmyard Book. Dean's Rag Book #282.

Farmyard Book.

Sweet paintings by a Dean's artist, AE Kennedy, whose animals are particularly full of personality: two ducks, a St. Bernard puppy, two robins, two guinea pigs and a carrot, a wistful cow, and two lambkins This copy with a lighter and greener sky than the Cope's. Scarce.

Albert Ernest Kennedy (1883 - 1962) was a prolific illustrator of children's animal books from a family involved in the arts. His younger brother Cecil was a noted painter of landscapes and flowers (his grandfather is said to have worked with Corot.) Printed cloth is a rough medium, yet Kennedy's animals all have well defined individual movement and personality.



20353 Walt Disney's Nursery Rhymes/ Dean's

Walt Disney's Nursery Rhymes/ Dean's

Inside: Bambi as Jack be Nimble; Minnie as Queen of Hearts, Pluto as Little Dog Laughed, Millie/Melody nieces with as Mary and Lamb, Huey, Louey and Dewey as Three Men in a Tub, and Goofy as the astronomer viewing Twinkle Twinkle. Quite a cast! Uncommon in this condition.



19785  Toy Animal ABC small Dean's

Toy Animal ABC

A small book with attractive animals in bright colours: a wind up mouse, a Jemima Puddleduck, a carved Noah's Ark ox, a rocking horse, a googlyeyed kitten, several stuffed animals on wheels, and some others standing on squeezable platforms (noisemakers?).



22364 Peter Rabbit's Pockets, cloth book as new

Peter Rabbit's Pockets.

"The safe, soft, cloth book that comes with a doll on a ribbon which tucks into 8 pockets." "Safe, Non-Toxic, Colorfast, Washable (I'd take washable with a grain of salt. It will wrinkle and fray but stay bright.) Bright illustrations, not too cartoony. Beautiful gift condition and in original plastic packet, thus very clean. Materials and construction are probably reliable considering the publisher.



22201 Kiddie's Number Book cloth

Kiddie's Number Book.

Mathematically very nice as it goes from 1 to 12. Also the pictures are gorgeous, with large natural looking farm animals with lots of character appearing in a woodland setting with black "sky" broken by large trees. This book appears as "New" in the McLoughlin 1927 list, and it was expensive in its time. Unfortunately, the good quality linen used in its construction, although it takes detailed lines and colour beautifully, tends to crease, making white lines. Louise Dorothea Tessin (Roats), (1894 - 1962) a California artist, illustrated children's books, activity books, and art education books for McLoughlin and Milton Bradley



22185 Three LIttle Books in one volume (Greenaway)

Three Little Books: In one volume, containing Three Little Songs, Five Little Maidens, Three Little Fishes.

Many songs, original short poems and stories, a few nursery rhymes, with pleasant little drawings in imitation of Kate Greenaway. Generally a happy view of childhood. Uncommon thus collected; one in libraries. First published separately in Kate Greenaway Indestructible Series in 1883 (The Five Little Maidens is listed in Schuster 514 Imitation Cloth Books. Ia. )Compiled in 1885 and dated from Babyhood Magazine 1885.



21862 The Jingle Book Mary Dana, Wm Scott

The Jingle Book.

Unique cloth book by a watercolourist and musician containing with each spread the lyrics, simple score, and a large illustration of a traditional rhyme, all in flat lime green, magenta, and Kelly green. Jingle Bells on front and back, O Where o Where Has My Little Dog Gone, Hot Cross Buns, Nut Tree, Cuckoo, Cuckoo, Lavender's Blue, Johnny Is Too Little, and Fast Asleep (Fais Dodo, translation),

A beautiful printing job, with clear details in flat stencil-like illustrations, somewhat like Slobodkina's. Even the signatures on the staffs are exact, the woman's glasses, the telephone cord. The scenes, clothing and details are contemporary (1940), following the Scott/Bank Street philosophy, and the people seem to convey a lot of character and movement in this unlikely medium. . Scarce outside of library special collections.



21479 Little Boy Blue Kohler's Felt Toy Books Hurlbut

Little Boy Blue.

Not nearly in as bright condition as our other felt books, but a good example of how these books withstood play. Little Boy Blue Simple Simon, Little Miss Muffet, Ding, Dong, Bell, Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe, Baa, Baa Black Sheep, Old King Cole, Pat-a-Cake, Hush-a-Bye Baby, Hey! Diddle Diddle.



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