Country Life

16513 Plowman's Clocks by Uttley, ill Tunnicliffe

Plowman's Clocks.

More memories of country life at the turn of the century.



22307 So Leben Wir auf dem Land. /Keussen

So Leben Wir auf dem Land.

Very detailed pictures run across entire spread to board edges in a sometimes confusing mix of older and modern ways: a large farmhouse cut away interior, haying, activities near a river mouth, wheat harvest, a farmyard in late summer, a village square outside church in autumn, foresters, winter activity.



Turkey and Partners.

More adventures of Turkey and his friends, likable boys who have a great deal of freedom to roam the countryside because they can be trusted to obey their parents' "direct orders" (only)! Set along a sleepy Australian River.



The Adventures of Turkey: Boy of the Australian Plains.

The author, a schoolteacher, grew up along the same sleepy Australian River and went to school with a boy much like Turkey.



Summer on the Farm.

Nice pictures of farm animals, probably reproductions, on pulp paper, includes several of an Old English Sheepdog. Gift condition.



The Year of the Yelvertons.

A sweet story set in the southern end of New Zealand, the author's childhood home. For almost a year, Mr. Mac tidies up and decorates his house because his English cousins are stopping by. But better things are in store! Lovely countryside. (I don't copy. Unlike some sellers, I actually read the books!)



The Book of Wiremu.

A classic little book, not a picture book but sensitively illustrated, telling simple stories of the idyllic daily life of a little Maori boy and his uncle.



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