20574 Walt Disney's A B C  cloth book

Walt Disney's A B C

Bright little figures and big coloured letters, with almost all the Disney figures, arranged two letters per figure (G galloping H horse = Goofy galloping on a horse.)



20352 Walt Disney / Dean's Rag Books Set of 6: Donald Duck, Mickey, Pluto etc.

Complete Set of 1961 Walt Disney / Dean's Rag Books: Titled Walt Disney's.... #6104 Donald Duck and His Nephews; #6105 Mickey the Gardener, #6106 Pluto and his Friends, #6113 Figaro the Playful Kitten, #6114 Dumbo, #6115 Bambi and Thumper.

A very fresh and charming set of six little cloth books, designed in 1961, dated by Sotheby's July, 1980 Sale of Dean's Archives, (Lot 265). Although Disney and Dean's had collaborated previously on toys, this set represented a larger range of characters. It was followed later in the 60's by 4 others including an alphabet book and a mother goose. Individual books, and thus set, are scarce. Ask to see more jpgs.



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