The Funny Thing.

The Funny Thing.

How Bobo devised a delicious recipe that would cure the little dragon of his craving for dolls forever. An inexpensive copy of this classic, quite attractive inside. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



20956 Liang & Lo, Kurt Weise 1930

Liang & Lo.

A very early book, showing Wiese's love for ink brush and lithography with black and ochre pictures alternating with flat green, blues, yellow and red. Two little Chinese boys set out over the hill to find the dragon, but the water buffalo soon takes over the quest and forges ahead, with amusing results for the reader and embarrassing results for the buffalo.



21382 The Dragon of an Ordinary Family by Mahy.

The Dragon of an Ordinary Family.

Mrs. Belsaki called Mr. Belsaki a Fuddy-Duddy and so Mr. Belsaki bought his son Gaylord a baby dragon for a pet; then magic began for this ordinary family. A nice sized version of this classic tale.

Although Mahy's stories had been published in New Zealand magazines, her early books, five in 1969, were published in the UK and US. As the jacket flap says "Now, with Dragon of an Ordinary Family, she is introduced to children far beyond her native country, for her stories are of a quality which gives them universal appeal." Oxenbury won the Kate Greenaway Medal for her artwork on this book. Note: This book has been SOLD..



The Dragons are Singing Tonight.

"If you don't believe in dragons,/It is curiously true/That the dragons you disparage/Choose to not believe in you." Seventeen funny poems with lavish full spread illustrations. Note: This book has been sold.



A Small, Elderly Dragon.

An elderly dragon, a princess, and a gray-eyed farmer's son save the kingdom of Minervia. A "fabulously whimsical fantasy (which) frolics along to romantic conclusions."



Three Dragons.

Three original dragon stories about a Chinese dragon, an early Roman two-headed dragon, and a square headed Norse dragon, Gunder Blunder.



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