16259 The School in our Village by Goldman, ill Ardizzone.

The School in Our Village.

A charming narrative of the life of a school and the relationship of a gifted teacher (the author) to her children, set in an old one room primary school in the Cotswolds. The children in Ardizzone's illustrations show their individual characters and feeling of belonging in this fine school.



Das Kind in Lied und Bild songs by Pestalozzi, Nitsch, ill. Wernthal [1905].

Das Kind in Lied und Bild.

A beautiful collection of the songs  by a descendant of the Swiss educator illustrated by a German artist. 



Robert Francis Weatherbee. written/illus by Munro Leaf. Lippincott (1935).

Robert Francis Weatherbee.

The absurd story of RFW who refused to go to school, but, at last as grown-up, realized that his career options were limited so he Went To School and learned to read and write and count and had a good time. The end. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



20089 My Play is Study 1853 Krummacher

My Play is Study.

Gerard and his younger brother and sister William and Sophia spend the summer with their friend Amelia. In the first four stories, adapted for American children by a children's writer, they explore the natural world. It can be seen that their play is their study, quite a modern viewpoint at the time. (Amelia's independence and quick mind are delightful.) The title from an aphorism by the older children's poet, Hieronymus von Alphen, a contemporary of Pestalozzi. The second half of the book contains Krummacher's well known Parables, short sketches, fables, and sayings. Note: This book has been sold.



19605 FiveBadChunkies by Preston, McLoughlin

Five Bad Chunkies.

The five children go off to spend the summer with their aunt. Although best known for her cute drawings, Chloe Preston tells riotous stories, not moralistic and not 1920's coy either. Very hard to find.



The Girl on the Outside.

Based on the integration of Central High School at Little Rock in 1957 and on the brave actions of Elizabeth Eckford and Grace Lorch. Told alternately from each girl's point of view, the portraits show the range of opinion in each community.



The Tamarack Tree.

In 1833, Bernadette, a live-in helper on a farm, has come to New England for good schooling. She befriends Miriam, a student at Prudence Crandall's school for black girls, but the community destroys the school. Sensitive, well written, based on fact.



The Tempered Wind.

Gabriella, born with the condition of dwarfism, advances bravely through whatever fate brings her and finds a profession and a community.



Commander Coatrack Returns.

Lisa and her slow brother have an ongoing game using their coatrack as a space ship. The book follows what happens as her family is in therapy and her brother develops a life of his own.



Aventures de Telemaque, Fenelon. Firmin Didot Freres, (1847) 19th c. edition.

Aventures de Telemaque.

An early copy of this edition.



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