english history

16610 A Time in a City. by Cooper.

A Time in a City.

Young Kate makes her way from a pastoral village to an industrial city; a quiet, kindly story of lives behind the lines of WWI. Follows An Hour in the Morning.



17645 The Shield Ring by Sutcliff, Hodges ill.

The Shield Ring.

The last Viking stronghold in Lancaster resists the Norman invasion with their Shield Ring, the barrier of the fells and their brave warlike spirit. Accurate and exciting history by a master. Note: This book has been sold.



12123 The Change-Child by Curry.

The Change-child.

Curry's third children's novel, a real life adventure/fantasy set in Wales and the kingdom of the Fair Folk during the reign of Elizabeth I.



12992 Nicholas and the Wool-Pack written and ill. by Harnett

Nicholas and the Wool-Pack.

Nicholas, a Cotswold wool producer's son, together with his fiancee and his best friend, foils the plotting of two visiting Lombards and saves his father's business. Many detailed illustrations of the trade.



14511 Enemy at Green Knowe by Boston

An Enemy at Green Knowe

An alchemist involves two boys in black magic of the 1600's that may destroy them.



14512 Stones of Green Knowe by Boston

The Stones of Green Knowe.

As Roger, a boy of Saxon and Norman heritage, watches the new stone manor house being built to replace their old wooden Saxon Hall, ancient Stone magic allows him to travel backward and foreword through time.



Playhouse Tales.

Six related stories of Shakespeare's day, with notes on each and a map of London of the time, including the true account of Will Kemp, Cavaliero Kemp, Head-Master of Morris Dancers, who danced from London to Norwich in nine days time.  .Note: This book has been sold.



You Never Knew Her As I Did.

Lord Seton involves Will Douglas in a daring plan to rescue Mary Queen of Scots from her island prison.



The Namesake.

A story of King Alfred.



Growing Up in 13th century England.

Centering on the lives of five families, this social history is full of detail.



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