22498 Crickets and Frogs by Gabriela Mistral. Bilingual book.

Crickets and Frogs, Grillos y Ranas, Gabriela Mistral.

The crickets and the frogs battle to see who can sing the loudest, a noisy battle that is never won, but now all crickets sing together. A fable with Spanish and English on facing pages, written by the great Chilean educator, children's poet; a founder of UNICEF and a Nobel Prize winner. The translator was a long time friend of Mistral and a recipient of the Order of Merit from the Chilean government. With bold sparking pictures in blue and pale yellow with heavy black lines (woodcuts?).



22302 Tierfabeln - Fleischer /Ludwig Heinrich Jungnickel.


Sixty-five very short fables with striking artwork on heavy paper by Ludwig Heinrich Jungnickel, an internationally known artist. His animal woodcut collection began with a frieze for a nursery in Brussels. He added to these and drew on them for the 25 woodcuts in this book.



19868 Hindu Fables - Mukerji/ Wiese, Dutton 1929

Hindu Fables for Little Children.

" I should like to tell my young readers one more thing: namely, that the writing of the following pages has been very hard work. I find it much harder to write for the young than for their elders. I fear the criticism of the former as I love their appreciation. Let us hope that the ten fables of my childhood will not fail utterly to please." SIGNED by Mukerji on half title.



17559 FablesdelaFontaine, Lorioux, illus.

Fables de la Fontaine.

In the same format as his Perrault of 1927. Wry, comic illustrations of Aesop's tales with very simple text. The animal and insect expressions are a delight! A lovely copy of this book.
NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



19764 Fables et Contes, C-F-F Boulenger de Rivery, ed.

Fables et Contes ( on half title "Avec discours sur la litterature allemande."

A book for all lovers of fables with a particular emphasis on introducing German and English fables to France. Clearly written and well organized; the author admires the language of Fontaine.

The book begins with an article on German modern and historical Poetry and Fable (the Preliminaire). Translations into French of the fables of Christian Fürchtegott Gellert, 1715-1769, and of some of John Gay 1685-1732 follow. A few other sources of individual fables are annotated and the sources of the English and German fables are noted in the Avis de L'Editeur.

Additional pages 107 to 110 from Livre Troisieme, probably from another issue, are bound in reverse order near the end of the Preliminaire, apparently to include XII Le Cheval et l'Ane as an alternate to XII Le Singe et le Renard (which alone appears in the Table).



19717 The Little Esop.

The Little Esop. (Aesop)

A charming little book with each verse or story illustrated by a clear woodcut. Although there is no authorship attributed, given the date, the publishers were probably involved. Aesop "became and instructor, and conveyed his lessons of life and manners in the simple and entertaining form of fables; or incidents and dialogues, supposed chiefly amongst the beasts and birds. If these animals could really speak, perhaps we should find them complaining of injustice at having such follies imputed to them; and if there were an Esop amongst them, he might give us THEIR thoughts of US, and so produce the most instructive and amusing book of fables in the world." The Little ... Robinson Crusoe, Pilgrim's Progress, etc also published at this time.



Woodland Crossing.

Five Imaginative animal fables, philosophical musings by animals and plants of the woodland. Jan Brett's first illustrated book. (She is not mentioned on the flaps) Note: This Book Has Been Sold..



The Fables of Aesop and Others, with designs on wood by Bewick.

The Fables of Aesop and Others, with designs on wood.

One of several reproductions of children's books from the early 1800's published at the turn of the last century, very nicely made with good paper and clear engravings.



La Fontaine. (Delierre, illustrator): Roberts Brothers, 1884

The Fables of La Fontaine.

Reproduction of the translations of Robert Thomson Paris, 1806 with very beautiful deep etchings original to this edition.



The Little Swineherd by Paula Fox, Leonard Lubin, ill.

The Little Swineherd and Other Tales.

Five fables written by the author, about a swineherd, a rooster, a pony, an alligator, and a raccoon.



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