Shen Nong's Miracle Herbs.

The story of Shen Nong who brought food crops and medicines to the early people. Note: This book has been SOLD



Children of the Fiery Mountain.

Two boys go to visit their cousin on a coffee finca for the winter. A country book with lovely illustrations and a good understanding of natural history. Note: This book has been sold.



Sophie Hits Six.

More funny stories about Sophie, who is determined to become a farmer.



Leif the Unlucky.

The last remaining young people of a forgotten Viking colony in Greenland struggle with the ethical challenges of being the last of their culture. A fine book by a gifted storyteller.
Note: This book has been SOLD.



13647 The Cucumber Princess - Wahl/Caraway.

The Cucumber Princess.

"A tiny girl, hatched from an egg found in a cucumber field, demands to rule in the stead of the king, thus beginning a contest of wills and strength." An original tale inspired by Aztec stories, in bright coloured illustrations that tell the story from page to page, as in the codices.



Kata by Cecil.

Kata, Son of Red Fang.

Kata's mother was a purebred German Shepard and his father one of the largest Canadian timber wolves ever seen. Kata gradually began to trust Jack's family and to help around their small farm. But as he grew older he had to chose between the wild and Jack's friendship.



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