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17391 Tom Tom the Piper's Son Kohler's Felt Toy Books Hurlbut.

Tom, Tom the Piper's Son. (Hurlbut, Carl, felt book)

Such an amazing idea! The thin, fine felt takes the print quite clearly and makes a nice light little book, if a bit dull on the cover. Ten nursery rhymes with lively illustrations.



20433 Nursery Pets Saalfield Felt Book

Nursery Pets. (Saalfield's Felt Books)

On each page, a short poem and a large full coloured picture "Polly wants a cracker? Polly does of course,/Run and fetch it quick/Or she'll scream until she's hoarse." The publisher's trim on this book appears to be 3/16" too close on the top side, affecting the letters R and Y and also the red margin on the back, but not the interior pages. The felt gives a soft depth of colour and takes fine line very well. These rather rare, turn of the century felt books appear to have been produced in both muslin and felt.



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