21005 The Seashore Noisy Book by Brown.

The Seashore Noisy Book.

Little Muffin hears everything, but he had never heard the sea. Adventures follow. "'Ho! Ho!' said the captain as he pulled Muffin out of the water. 'I think I've caught a dogfish this time.' Weisgard's bright angular illustrations of the curious sea creatures go right along with Muffin's inquisitive nature.



20304 The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher by Potter.

The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher.

A very pleasant early volume with lovely colour in the water scenes and hazy shores. This book found with another brown paper copy with the G. A. Schwarz, Philadelphia seal. (The toy store owned by a brother of F. A. O. Schwarz.)



20848 Dawn by Shulevitz.


Opens with a small dark watercolour oval, which expands page after page as the dawn light grows . In this quiet magic the boy and his grandfather get up and go fishing on the lake. Note: This book is SOLD.



21482 A Boat for Peppe by Politi.

A Boat for Peppe.

A story of the Sicilian fishing community in Monterey, California. How Peppe's father was almost lost at sea, the Blessing of the Boats, and a wish come true for Peppe.



Turkey and Partners.

More adventures of Turkey and his friends, likable boys who have a great deal of freedom to roam the countryside because they can be trusted to obey their parents' "direct orders" (only)! Set along a sleepy Australian River.



Blue Fin.

"Although his father has always considered him completely incompetent, Steve suddenly finds their lives in his hands following a violent storm at sea."



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