Folk Tales

20761 The Faber Book of North American Legends Haviland,ed./Strugnell.

The Faber Book of North American Legends.

Well documented tales with full page pictures and many illustrations in text: 14 Indian and Eskimo Tales (about half of them), 5 Black American Tales, 5 European Tales Brought by Immigrants, and 5 Tall Tales. Above are are Sedna the Sea Goddess, How Coyote Stole Fire, Poor Turkey Girl; Wiley and the Hairy Man, Black American; and A Stepchild That was Treated Mighty Bad (Snow White), a Jack Tale from Appalachia Nice selection and an interesting introduction by Virginia Haviland on American folk tales and their transmission and their rewriting for children..



7379 Fairy Tales of Mexico - Wilson

Fairy Tales of Mexico.

Four tales: How the Basilisk Got His Crest; The Legend of the Mountain; The Thief in the Cornfield; The Coyote and the Turtle.



21754 East African Why Stories - Pamela Ogot.

East African Why Stories.

Stories told to the author by her grandmother. Simple stories for early readers.  Note: This book has been SOLD



9391 Ears and Tails and Common Sense CAribbean Sherlock/Aliki

Ears and Tails and Common Sense.

"More Stories from the Caribbean." During each evening of their eight-day party, the animals listen to stories. With an introduction for children about animal tales of the Caribbean and a picture map.



By Loch and by Lin by Sorche Nic Leodhas, Vera Bock, ill.

By Loch and by Lin; Tales from Scottish Ballads.

Ten stories: Lay of the Smithy, Lay of the Amadhain Mhor, Lochmaben Harper, Earl of Mar's Daughter, Dick o' the Cow, Bonnie Baby Livingston, Lang Johnnie Mor, Famous Flower of Servingmen, Heir of Linne, Knight and the Shepherd Lass. Introduction.



Stirabout Stories (West of Widdershins.) by Barbara Sleigh; Ambrus, ill.

Stirabout Stories (West of Widdershins.)

Stories of magic, old and new, involving everyday things looked at afresh and stirred "widdershins." Note: This Book Has Been Sold.



Foxglove Tales by Alison Uttley, Shirley Felts, ill.

Foxglove Tales

A group of Uttley's tales, chosen from the range of her work by Lucy Meredith and published on the centenary of Uttley's birth.



The White Elephant by Faulkner, Frederick Richardson, ill. Volland 1929 1st. Box

The White Elephant and Other Tales from India.

Stories taken from various sources and originally broadcast by the "Radio Lady", which read smoothly. Her introduction gives children further books to explore and introduces them to comparative folklore. The illustrations are beautiful: full color plates inspired by Mughal painting, each facing a decorated caption, and others in black and white. (Since all Volland paper was "plate" quality, the colour and b/w could be printed on either side of the sheet.)

The stories are: The White Elephant, The Grain of Corn, The Timid Little Rabbit, Singh Raja and the Cunning Little Jackals, The Kingdom of Mouseland, The Alligator and the Jackal, The Bold Blackbird, The Kid and the Tiger, The Brahmin and the Tiger, The Bear's Bad Bargain, The Man Who Rode a Tiger.



The Tall Book of Nursery Tales.

Little Red Riding Hood, City Mouse, Gingerbread Boy, Foolish Milkmaid, Ugly Duckling, Three Bears, Three Billy Goats Gruff, Little Wee Woman, Little Red Hen... more. The familiar coloured lithos on every other spread are very bright and deep.
Note: This book has been SOLD



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