22299 Das Marlein von den drei Schneiderlein  Anna Bohm, Richard Schaupp ill.

Das Märlein von den drei Schneiderlein. Richard Schaupp, ill, Stalling 1948 1st; (The Tale of the Three Little Tailors) illustrated in colour..

Beautiful clear colours in this funny book by a Swiss artist about three inept tailors trying to get into Heaven. Happily, they succeed. Amazing condition.



20248 A Promise to the Sun - Tololwa/Vidal.

A Promise to the Sun.

In this East African pourquoi tale, the brave little bat hides in shame from the sun because although the sun has fulfilled his promise to bring rain, the bat could not build a nest for him in return. Each spread is a beautiful landscape filled with different birds..



22315 Der Schwab, der Schneider ...- Ubbelohde /Grimm Bechstein

Der Schwab, der Schneider und der liebe Herrgott

Also contains der Schneider im Himmel (the Tailor in Heaven)



11791 The Song That Sings Itself. Ronni Solbert.

The Song that Sings Itself.

A parable of a wise king from the far East, perhaps Nepal, who seeks the mysterious song of his dreams. The subtle outlined images are printed on heavy tan paper in black and rust.



21511 The Royal Astrologer: (Mlayan legend) - Hall/Adamson.

The Royal Astrologer: adventures of father Mole-Cricket of the Malayan legends.

"But despite the laziness of Father Mole-Cricket there was no denying that he was a likeable person. He was a small round gentleman who lived with his wife and son on the very edge of the sprawling jungle."



12246 the Chinese Mirror - Ginsburg/Zemach.

The Chinese Mirror.

A mirror from China brings great confusion into a merchant's family, who believe it must be a portrait. A Korean folktale illustrated by fluid watercolours inspired by the 18th c Korean genre painters, Sin Yun-bok and Kim Hong-do.



The Beautiful Blue Jay and Other Tales of India.

A collection of tales told by Indian mothers to their children today, not classical Indian tales, or western tales, but nursery tales from a variety of Indian sources, some not previously written down.



Hansel and Gretel: a play for little children adapted from the opera.

They don't come more charming than this! Sepia photos of a young children's production of Hansel and Gretel, in costume, "since most of the play is in the woods, out-of-doors performances cannot fail to give the greatest satisfaction.."



The Shepherd (Pastir, later published as The Magic Ring).

A fairy tale of a cowherd, a princess, an Emperor, and a kingdom, illustrated with little figures in a surreal folkloric landscape that looks almost like a toy set. One illustration contains a car and the date 1957.



The Magic Ring, a Picture Story from Yugoslavia. (The Shepherd, Pastir).

The first edition, published in Slovenian and a year later as The Shepherd in English, was a very large oblong book, so the design and the picture quality both suffer in this quarto version. Still a charming story



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