20961 Bland Tomtar och Troll, Strömgren ed / Bauer & Norelius illustrators. Dw.

Bland Tomtar och Troll.

On the cover a greedy Norelius troll holds a beautiful princess in his hands. A gorgeous children's annual, continued for many years, with the elegant and beautiful artwork by Bauer and the more humorous and wild paintings of Norelius. In Swedish. A lovely copy.



20539 The Old Lady Who Ate People. Hinojosa

The Old Lady Who Ate People.

One of a Mexican folklore series published in Mexico with astounding mythic paintings by a young Mexican artist.



21793 Russian Folk Tales Afanasiev/Bilibin.

Russian Folk Tales.

From a set of six tales collected by "the Russian Grimm" at the turn of the century and published separately in 1901- 1903. Bright Bilibin reproductions. Ivan Tsarevich, The Grey Wolf, and the Firebird; Sister Alyonushka and Brother Ivanushka; Finist the Falcon; Marya Morevna; The White Duck; Vasilisa the Beautiful; The Frog Princess.



22322 Grimms Märchen. /Frans von Pocci and Leopold Völlinge, US-E 112r 1944

Grimms Märchen.

Hansel and Gretel, Snow White and Rose Red and Foundling-Bird. Bright little coloured pictures in text throughout.



19532 Däumlinchen, ein Märchen von Andersen /Else Wenz-Viëtor

Däumlinchen, ein Märchen von Andersen.

Only Thumbelina and the animals are characters here, perfect illustrations for this story.



22290 Däumerlings wanderschaft. - Erica Meier-Albert.

Däumerlings wanderschaft.

Bold and cheerful woodcuts in tune with the traditional nature of the story of a mischievous little person.



10587 Why Corn Is Golden - Blackmore/Martinez-Ostos

Why Corn Is Golden.

Guie'tiiki, The Chocolate That Turned to Stone, The Sunflower, Why Corn is Golden, Chiapaneco, Princess Xóchitl and the Aloe, Riddles. Each story introduced by a phrase from the story "Say to the Flowers: the gods summon you to the Hall of Names and Scents." One of a modern series of "Legends and Flocculates from Old Mexico," published in Mexico and illustrated in national style by Mexican artists.



9686 Tigers and Opossums - Kurtycz and García Kobeh

Tigers and Opossums: Animal Legends.

The Marriage of the Little Hummingbird, The Tiger and the Opossum, the Biguidibela, The Fly Who Dreamed That He Was an Eagle, Bigú, Better Alone Than in Bad Company. One of a modern series of "Legends and Folktales from Old Mexico," handed down over the generations, published in Mexico and illustrated in national style by Mexican Artists.



22045 The Talking Bird - Purnell

The Talking Bird.

"An Aztec Storybook: Tales told to little Paco by his Grandfather" Somewhat of a 1930's "country book" with Little Paco's life intertwined with the stories. The Talking Bird; The Eagle Warrior; Bird of Love; Jump-Over-the-Wall Bird; The Green Serpent; The Queen and the Giant; The Moon Princess; The Eagle and the Snake; Prince Brave Heart; The Feathered Serpent. Dramatic illustrations.



3081 The Prince and the Golden Ax - Lattimore

The Prince and the Golden Ax.

"A proud Minoan prince challenges the Goddess Diktynna, who first offers him rewards for his courage but then threatens to destroy Thera, his homeland, when his boasting angers her." A story drawn from Minoan art and artifacts which fulfills the artist's childhood dream of seeing the palace filled with life. SIGNED by author with DRAWING of ax.



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