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17186 Adventure at Mont-Saint-Michel by Napoli.

Adventure at Mont-Saint-Michel.

Little Centauree longs to follow the sea and find out where it goes, but when she does, the threatening sea swirls around her. An atmospheric book with the figures rendered very expressively in big blocks of colour, blues and browns and olive greens. Note: This book has been SOLD



Pensees d'un enthousiaste.

Pensees d'un enthousiaste.

Not for sale, from our own collection. I am listing this in the hope of finding out more about its illustrator. Wonderful swift sketches of horses in the field and stable, this essay on the hunt begins quoting Jorrocks and ends with English, "May you hunt forever." Several pages are addressed to women riders. Lovely paper and coloration. This book is available  from in Kindle, with not quite the same ambiance! In French, its original language. A copy, inscribed in 1916, exists as a contribution to the biodiversity library by the Webster Family Library of Veterinary Medicine ( Veterinary Library's copy part of the John A. Seaverns Equine Collection. Additional jpgs available.



Jade Tales by MIcheline Maurel, Annick Delhumeau, ill.

Jade Tales.

Stylized line drawings illustrate these original French tales with a modern twist. One of a series of books of modern tales from different sources.



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