French language.

22252 Dick et Georgie by Perrin-Duportal,, Kuhn-Regnier, ill.

Dick et Georgie.

Georgie is almost two when his family adopts Dick, a very short haired 5 month old "chien loup" or wolf dog. What follows are funny little puppy stories in which we always hear Dick's view of things. Although the dog drawings seem a little stiff, the puppy's feelings are just right.



Animalerie, The Pet Store (Peter Spier's Village).

Animalerie, The Pet Store (Peter Spier's Village).

The Pet Store stands up on its own, with no stress on the book. Bright little pictures and a different shaped roof on each building. The buildings in this diecut board village would make a nice, inexpensive collection. Among others in the group are: The Toy Shop (which we have), Food Market,  Fire House, Toy  Shop, My School, Bill's Service Station.



Tableaux Auxiliaires Delmas. by Veillet-Addison, Emile Poissonnie ill. ca 1902

Tableaux Auxiliaires Delmas 1er Cahier. Tableaux 1 a 6.

Very charming detailed pictures of French turn of the century life: #1. L'Ecole, le Lycee, la Classe, Les Nombres; #2. La Recreation, les Jeux, le Corps humain, #3. L'Enfance (Le Bapteme), La Jeunesse (La Fete publique, #4. L'Age mur (Un repas de noce). La Vieillesse (Une visite au Grand-Pere) , #5 La Maison exterieure, les Ouvriers, les Outils, #6 La Maison interieure, les Meubles. Students could keep this book (cahier) at home to review vocabulary. It was also published as separate posters. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



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