20707 Rolling Season by Mayne, ill Brooker.

The Rolling Season.

  • Hiram and his friends worked hard to help their village during a severe drought, but then Hiram found a magic solution from the old days, a wheel with a bell was rolled downhill.


21457 Brim's Boat by Gaunt

Brim's Boat.

"In a valley deserted by human beings, Brim, the terrier finds an old half-built barge." Though it takes persistence and the support of his friends to build and sail the barge, Brim holds on to his dream. A fine story which should be better known.



5659 Season of the Briar by Brinsmead

Season of the Briar

An early book by a beloved Australian author, known for her good humored and exciting realistic fiction. In this book, a group of boys in a weed spraying unit in isolated Southwest Tasmania cope with disaster.



Smitty Does a Bunk by Brian Sutton Smith. Price Wilburn, 1961, 1st printing.

Smitty Does a Bunk.

After a disastrous term, the two week holiday stretched before Smitty and his friends... more lively mischief! Follows the beloved Our Street, stories of child life in New Zealand.
NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



Old Raven's World by Jean West Maury/ Ben Kutcher, ill. Little Brown 1931, 1st p

Old Raven's World.

Creation stories of the Tlingit, built around the story of two boys who meet in a little town in Alaska. The book is dedicated To My Godson Merrill Whitney, adding to the printed dedication, the author has handwritten "who always justifies my faith in him, Jean West Maury, October 9, 1931." SIGNED AND INSCRIBED BY THE AUTHOR TO HER GODSON,



Miss Flora McFlimsey's Easter Bonnet.

Miss Flora McFlimsey's Easter Bonnet.

Flora and the others are dressing for a party. Since Flora has nothing new to wear, the rabbit 's mother makes a hat for her, including holes for the ears. Flora's shyness is treated so gently! Several pages of script and drawings. Note: This book has been sold.



All For a Friend.

A warm portrait of a New England village and of the old-time Vermonters who live there. Tom has his heart and mind set on entering his new horse Folly in the County Fair. Follows All for a Horse. SIGNED and Inscribed by author, Kay Avery, who spent many summers on the Shrewsbury.



The Little White Hen and the Emperor of France (Henne Blanche Soldat des Kaisers).

The little hen is drafted into a war between the Emperor of France and the Tzar, so she and her friend the farmer set out to carry one cannon ball to Russia. A funny story, told in cartoon frames, about the futility of war.



Hilding's Summer.

The city summer adventures (falling in a manhole, getting lost) of three young children. Set in Stockholm.



The Planet of Junior Brown.

Junior Brown and his homeless friend Buddy Clark hide out in a secret basement room with an intricate model of the solar system the janitor has built. When their truancy is discovered Buddy takes Jr. to live with him, shielding him from confinement.



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