Even Steven by Lipkind, Will, & Nicolas Mordvinoff. (Will and Nicolas)

Even Steven.

Even though Steven was the smallest horse on the ranch, he was smart, and he knew how to get even. Hobie knew he had found a friend from the look in Steven's eye. When the outlaws stole all the other horses right before the fair, it was Hobie and Stephen who came to the rescue.



Paddy Finds a Job, A Pop-Up by John Goodall.

Paddy Finds a Job, A Pop-Up by John Goodall.

The wordless pop-up spreads move swiftly along, from Paddy the Pig's first appearance in the kitchen, to the elegant restaurant, to Paddy's suave service to patrons, to, of course, disaster! Goodall uses the medium skillfully to tell a story. Note: This book has been sold.



Animal Lore and Disorder, over 200 Animals! A Riddle Book.

Animal Lore and Disorder.

Each page is split in two so that on each spread the rather Seuss-like pictures of  "real" animals can be divided, and their names and written descriptions scrambled, forming new creations with odd names and histories. NOTE: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD.



The Purple Cow and Other Poems.

The Purple Cow and Other Poems.

Prepared as a gift for a young friend and illustrated in ink and watercolour. This is the first modern printing from a facsimile of an original pamphlet of 1894, held by the library. NOTE: This Book Has Been SOLD.



Jolly Roger by Pinkwater.

Jolly Roger, Dog of Hoboken.

"With the confidence of a biographer who knows his subject to be heroic, DP tells of JR's formative days on the Matilda Magoo, & of his later adventures in Hoboken, where he met The Kid and Marvin the Ape,and he lived, for a time, in a car wash." dw  We couldn't show the pictures in this book, as it is so tight, but there are many. Note: This book has been sold.



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