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22472 The Habits of Rabbits.Kahl. 1st printing, SIGNED.

The Habits of Rabbits 1957 1st SIGNED V. Kahl

The King has a serious problem: his people grow too many carrots and cabbages. The 13 children of the Duke and Duchess have a problem too. Their pet rabbits keep multiplying with no end in site. Solution! Give each citizen a pair of rabbits...but..."The habits of rabbits are fine for observing / But you'll find the results can be very unnerving." SIGNED on title page.   Note: This book has been sold.



22471 Away Went Wolfgang, Kahl. 1st printing, SIGNED in Salzburg, first book

Away Went Wolfgang, V. Kahl. 1st SIGNED, Salzburg. Wolfgang wants a job!

Wolfgang, huge and clumsy despite his illustrious predecessor, caused a disaster whenever he tried to help. All the dogs in town had jobs. Wolfgang eagerly wished for one too. His mistress tried and tried to find a job for him that would fit his talents. Finally, a surprizing and funny solution! Cheerful, active pictures in the rounded style that the artist/author developed in her subsequent books. Kahl's first book, written while she was an Army librarian stationed in Salzburg. SIGNED while in Europe: Va. Kahl, with July, 1954 date and Salzburg, Austria.



22299 Das Marlein von den drei Schneiderlein  Anna Bohm, Richard Schaupp ill.

Das Märlein von den drei Schneiderlein. Richard Schaupp, ill, Stalling 1948 1st; (The Tale of the Three Little Tailors) illustrated in colour..

Beautiful clear colours in this funny book by a Swiss artist about three inept tailors trying to get into Heaven. Happily, they succeed. Amazing condition.



The Cat in the Hat Houghton Mifflin Educational salesman's sample, early.

The Cat in the Hat. Houghton Mifflin.Unusual.

This copy was definitely a salesman's sample, as it comes from a collection of review copies which I acquired in 1998 from a retired educator's collection. As received, it had a Houghton Mifflin/Riverside Press educational sales representative's business card laid in. Sadly, the card has been lost since 2006 and I have given up hope of finding it, so I've decided to list the book! The rounded spine is not practical for school use: judging from other multiple signature HM copies available with identical boards, the style was probably changed. Based on Seuss' statements and other copies seen with identical boards and multiple signatures, this copy may be the January publication or simply an odd salesman's sample issue. Intense colour and beautiful condition in this copy.  Rare thus.

Seuss was encouraged to create a controlled vocabulary book by William Spaulding, Educational Director of Houghton Mifflin and an old army buddy. However, Seuss was under contract to Random House, so HM agreed to publish the educational edition, allowing Random to publish the trade edition available to the public. The HM edition was set to be published in January or February and the trade edition in March, according a letter written to Random House by Seuss. However, the educational edition of Cat in the Hat was not successful as a primer, being too dissimilar from Dick and Jane. Cat in the Hat was later included in the 20 or so "Read by Yourself" HM series, most published in the 60's. In addition to having the single signature and rounded spine, our copy has the plainer HM design on bottom board.



19891 Uncle Stories by Martin, Quentin Blake, ill.

Uncle Stories.

"Uncle is a tremendously wealthy elephant. He has a B. A., a patriarchal disposition, rather strict notions of correct behavior, yet a sentimental nature and a certain joie de vivre" Here he takes on the nasty Hatemans, with the support of his friends.



16275 Professor Branestawm's Great Revolution by Hunter.

Professor Branestawm's Great Revolution and other incredible adventures.

More amazing stories! Where are my glasses?; B.'s Portable Car Park; Prof. B. on the Scrap Heap; The Pipes of Pandemonium; Mrs. Flittersnoop's Birthday Present. Hunter's first two books were from the 30's; the later ones after retirement in the 70's.



22505 The Joking Man by James Flora.

The Joking Man.

The narrator and his friend Charlie look on in delight as the park bench turns to rubber, car wheels become square, moths flood the movie theater, Mr. Tooley's cows sport polka dots and stripes. There must be a joking man in town! Who could he be? Original stylized pictures fit this one-of-a-kind text. Try it on the next small boy you meet!

More images available.



22074 The Troubles of Harry Careless, chapbook.

The Troubles of Harry Careless.

A popular story, printed as early as 1796 (Worldcat) as Harry Heedless or The history of Charles Careful and Harry Heedless. Probably originally English since Harry attempts cricket. Despite the heavy moral, both the author and the child readers must have loved the escapades of this impulsive yet basically kind hearted boy.

"There are very few boys, or girls, in the world, it is to be hoped, who are badly disposed, and who do mischief for the love of it. But there are many who are idle, careless, rash, headstrong, and imprudent; and who thus from want of thought, and too much excitement, behave very badly, and get into all kinds of unlucky scrapes."

Nice wood engravings with very swift and sloppy hand colouring in green, magenta, and blue, perhaps Harry's work?. Scarce thus.



The Goblin Scouts.

A very funny book with very funny pictures in deep colours. The endless mishaps of the Goblin Scouts, who seek to do a kind deed a day, despite their terrible upbringing.



20859 The Bone Stranger by Frank Remkiewicz,

The Bone Stranger

An exciting mystery ... tracking down the Raccoon gang who have stolen the midnight doggie bone snacks from the orphanage! Funny pictures on every page by the author with short text beneath.



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