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Thelwell Goes West by Norman Thelwell.

Thelwell Goes West.

What does the English rider need to know to explore the wild West? Lots of funny comparisons.Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



17400 Henry Reed's Baby-Sitting Service by Robertson, ill McCloskey.

Henry Reed's Baby-Sitting Service.

Henry and his business associate, Midge Glass, start a very organized daycare for the summer. And the first to appear is a powerful four-year-old called Danny. "Keith Robertson and Robert McCloskey, who might have known or been Henry Reed at one point of their lives, write about and picture him in a way that is both dead-pan serious and riotously funny." dw blurb.



A Cat Came Fiddling and other Rhymes of Childhood. (Irene Haas, illus).

A Cat Came Fiddling... (Irene Haas, illus).

Fifty-seven nonsense verses and nursery rhymes with new music by Kapp of which Burl Ives says in his introduction "it sounds as though it had never been written, only been sung." Amusing illustrations and very simple piano accompaniments.



22480 The Duchess Bakes a Cake. Kahl, 1st printing, SIGNED

The Duchess Bakes a Cake. V. Kahl, 1st SIGNED.

" A long time ago there lived over the waters / A Duchess, a Duke, and their family of daughters / Madeleine..." and 12 more! Delightful. Long, older copy of interesting local news article from when she returned to the US laid in,.SIGNED on title page.



21477 Favourite Nursery Rhymes illus by Frank Adams

Favourite Nursery Rhymes.

A very funny take on Mother Goose with pictorial side comments on the rhymes, for instance there's the strike poster for the micro managed hens of the Man of Middle Row, the joyous Good King Arthur is obviously making a mess in the kitchen with his bag-pudding efforts, the crooked man has just purchased a cat from a whiskery man in a cat costume with a kitten in his pocket and a sign on his hat: "Hi I am Claus the Cat King." The more you look, the more you see. NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



19453 Jimmy Sliderlegs Hoffmann Sully publication

Jimmy Sliderlegs.

Very bright pictures in the style of Hoffmann. This collection has more stories than the usual, including more stories about girls, oddly enough, and none of the original Hoffmann ten. Stories (here compared with the Altemus version of Sliderlegs) Envious Minny, The History of the Dirty Child (no names), Cruel Paul (Paul the Tormentor Alt.), Slovenly Betsy, Phoebe Ann, the Proud Girl, Discontented Lucy, Idle Fritz (Idle Fritz, Alt.) Simple Hans (Simple Hans, Alt), Heedless Hugo (Heedless Hugo, Alt), The Night Wanderer. (Oswald), Ned, the Toybreaker (Ned the Toy-Breaker, Alt) ,Prying Will (Prying Will, Alt), The Little Glutton (Mary), Tom Bogus The Sweet Tooth, Harry Cobus and the Shang-Hais, The History of Doctor Wango-Tango, The Tragical Story of Mammy Katchem and her Kittens.



Doctor George Owl.

All Rome tried to help when the Professore's nearsighted owl fell off the balcony and flew off in the wrong direction, but it was Tybalt the cat who saved him.



The House with Sixty Closets.

The House with Sixty Closets.

The Judge builds a house and his wife insists on sixty closets (wardrobes) to hold the many presents she gives to all. Years later a spirited minister's family with fifteen children comes to live in the house. The Judge and his wife step out of their portraits to join the outrageous fun, a frank report by each closet on their new life and a nighttime tour of the town in a string of linked closets pulled by a goat. A surprising story in a turn of the century binding. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



Down Huckleberry Hill by Weisgard.

Down Huckleberry Hill.

Track the woes of the dog-catcher's van as it tears down the hill, and down the page, scattering all before it. The young reader can help out "Catch the mustard jar if you want some on your hot dog!" Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



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