German illustrator

Schnick Schnack; Oscar Pletsch, illustrator. Routledge, [1867/1866 Germany].

Schnick Schnack; Trifles for Little Ones.

Engaging coloured pictures, observations of the mischievous, pretty children of prosperous families. Frontis and title pages have borders of foxgloves, harebells, daffodils and vines.Very difficult to choose just a few pictures; there are more! Poems probably in-house rather than translations of the German.



21456 The Little Princess in the Wood by Fish, Sibylle von Olfers.

The Little Princess in the Wood.

Princess Rosemary woke up early and played in the wood with the animals, the birds, and little Nature Children, familiar from The Root Children Wake Up. A very beautiful fantasy. NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



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